How Browns Shoes Became Our Application Innovation Award Winner

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With our Enterprise Automation Awards, we celebrate customers’ successes and achievements in using SnapLogic to move their business forward. Continuing in this series, we explore what made them award-winning solutions.

The Application Innovation Award recognized the customer that has innovated the business or disrupted the industry through application integrations. The customer highly deserving of this award is Browns Shoes. Their technology partner, ⋮IWConnect, approached Browns Shoes about submitting for this award and it didn’t take long for them to accept as they strongly believed they had a very interesting project. ​​Browns Shoes was looking to accelerate its direct to consumer processes and optimize employee efficiency by leveraging data and technology.

Using the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform, Browns Shoes built the fully integrated Browns Inspection App – an innovative, dynamic, user-friendly, and efficient application to address specific issues and challenges.

Browns shoes architecture

By using SnapLogic to connect the dots between the order management software, local databases, multiple shipping carriers, printer servers, and legacy systems, Browns Shoes was able to develop a very agile solution that is able to adapt the workflow based on each and every order placed. The Browns Inspection App replaced the legacy application previously used by the distribution center to clean and pack orders, communicate the status of orders with the OMS and all other applicable systems.

This new software accelerates employees’ activities and enables them to conduct tasks quickly and efficiently. Employee productivity increased exponentially as a result of the elimination of manual inspections and better directed workflow. Real time data synchronization and connection among all enterprise systems – OMS, Shipment, AWS, and DBs – has a positive impact on business systems, time and cost efficiencies, inventory integrity, logistics and shipping decisions, sales, time to customer, customer satisfaction and retention, and brand reputation. With SnapLogic’s innovative application integrations, customizations can be completed quickly and easily.

As a result, there were a number of supply chain benefits and best practices for Browns Shoes and its valued employees, such as:

  • Logistics analysts driving and managing the fully dynamic application internally without assistance from the IT department.
  • Management having visibility into an entirely new data set to accelerate its processes and deliver products into the hands of customers as quickly and cost efficiently as possible.
  • Real time tracking of every product SKU and shipment.

When asked why they decided to participate in our awards program, the joint team wanted to showcase thinking outside of their typical integrations.

The project that we selected was just about to be completed and was very different than any of our other normal integration projects. The whole idea of this project was to use SnapLogic to create custom JSON depending on various parameters which would create a completely different flow for our DC inspection application. It was not simply about moving data from one system to another. The team really thought outside the box on this one and we were very proud to have the opportunity to showcase our project.

It also gave both teams the opportunity to continue to work together to build out their submission. Winning the Application Innovation Award added to the success they already felt from the results of the integration project itself.

Visit the SnapLogic Community to learn more about their solution and others. You can find more details in their case study as well.

Community Product Marketing Manager at SnapLogic
Application Innovation Award Winner: Browns Shoes

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