How Unlocking Data Helped Increase Collaboration at Boston College High School

Boston College High School is a top, non-profit, college preparatory school with a mission to help students succeed in academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities while promoting physical and emotional well-being. The school found an opportunity to further meet their mission, to improve cross-departmental collaboration. 

Data, however, was sprawled across the campus as each department managed their own applications and databases. The same data in one application may be duplicated or missing from another application, creating data silos and inconsistencies across departments. In turn, the staff and faculty in these departments would have missing information in their data and analytics, making it difficult for them to make recommendations backed by trusted data. What’s worse is that whenever the staff needed to get data out of an application, they would turn to IT to query and prepare that data for analysis. This became a cyclical and time-consuming process for IT where they’d spend weeks wrangling data from multiple sources. 

To eliminate this manual, time-consuming process and improve cross-departmental collaboration, the CIO at BC High decided to break down the silos and empower the staff to get access to the data they need whenever and wherever they need it. After evaluating multiple integration vendors, the CIO selected SnapLogic as their integration platform of choice to move data from all their applications and databases into Snowflake. Once they have data in Snowflake, the staff can query the data they need into an analytics tool like PowerBI to analyze the data. With the same information, the staff is able to come together and talk through the findings from the data and further support their students to success. 

Read the full case study to learn how BC High unlocked data to increase cross-departmental collaboration.

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