Four ways an iPaaS accelerates Workday value

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Enterprises are flocking to cloud-based platforms like Workday to transform how they do business, yet integration and data migration challenges can trigger deployment headaches and unforeseen costs that impede time to value.

Workday, which marries financial management with critical HCM functionality in areas including workforce planning, recruiting, talent management, human resource management, benefits, payroll and compensation, and people analytics, is riding the SaaS wave and has collected more than 2,100 customers and $490 million in revenue in 2017. The platform covers a breadth of financial and HCM functionality, but best practices call for Workday to be used in concert with other best-of-breed solutions and sometimes with legacy platforms, resulting in an open and modern, hybrid HCM mix, yet one that demands significant integration.

That’s where an Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) comes into play. An iPaaS facilitates Workday deployments by greatly simplifying and streamlining integration tasks, letting IT focus its energy on high-value activities that resolve business challenges and foster innovation as opposed to being consumed by painstaking and time-consuming manual integration efforts.

Here are four ways an iPaaS streamlines integration:

Simplifies the process. Compared to more traditional methods like point-to-point integration, enterprise service bus (ESB), and Extraction Transform and Loading (ETL) tools or even Workday’s limited native integration platform, an iPaaS like SnapLogic provides an easier and more direct way to tackle multi-point data integration without the need for time-consuming manual coding. Also, an ecosystem of 450+ pre-built connectors or Snaps lets organizations easily scale and connect to myriad applications and databases. This places the focus on leveraging data and automating business processes as opposed to implementing complex APIs.

Reduces cost. Complex integration, whether single-point or multi-point, demands specialized skills, which can be costly and time-consuming. Research shows that half the cost of implementing 90 percent of large applications is typically doled out on system integration. An iPaaS like SnapLogic’s Enterprise Integration Cloud (EIC) delivers a purpose-built cloud platform for integration services that require minimum IT assistance, helping to keep costs in check.

Reduced integration maintenance. An iPaaS eliminates the need to devote significant man hours to manually program scripts and fix data formatting issues. Also, unlike manual scripts, which require lots of care and tending of systems, the right iPaaS lets organization avoid breakage, if upgraded or scaled, in any way.

Quicker time to value. Because data integration takes a fraction of the time compared to traditional hand-coding, organizations can spin up new projects and applications quickly. An iPaaS like SnapLogic requires little assistance for users to gain insights or create more streamlined workflows. In this way, HR business users can easily unlock data source to accelerate recruitment, onboard new employees, streamline retire-to-hire processes, or engage with people analytics, among other tasks.

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