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Move your HR modernization initiatives into high gear

Connect your pre-hire to worker release processes and cut costs from HR migrations.
Centralize and consolidate data for people analytics.

Connect the Dots – from Pre-Hire to Retire

Managing employee information across portals, HCM, benefits, payroll, LMS, and performance management applications is often painful. SnapLogic’s sophisticated, intuitive, and no-code workflows automate employee and contingent employee set-up, keep employee data and logins in sync across apps, and cut manual effort.

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5 ways to revolutionize HR onboarding with elastic integration

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Snap, Don’t Code HR Integrations

Pre-configured Snaps for Workday, Oracle Peoplesoft, SAP, NetSuite, Concur, Salesforce, LinkedIn, and more cut integration costs up to 90% by shifting integrations from code to clicks – freeing teams to focus on digitizing and revitalizing HR processes.


Accelerating Your Workday Integration Into Modern Enterprise Environments

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Slash HR Migration Integration Costs

Moving on-premises HR apps to the cloud can result in 30-50% of implementation resources drained on migration. Cycles spent extracting, converting, and mapping changing employee, contingent, payroll, benefits often throttle success. SnapLogic’s visual, no-code integration for IT and business users can cut your integrations from months to days.


How rapid Workday integration drives digital transformation

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Realize People Analytics

Analyzing talent and aligning your organization with business goals means integrating data from multiple HR and Finance applications. Spreadsheet and one-off integrations don’t scale and waste time. Pre-built connectors a.k.a. Snaps, cloud data warehouse integration, and self-service ease of use makes people analytics more attainable than ever.

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Creating a quote-to-cash orchestration

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Connect HCM applications such as Workday

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“Over the years, SnapLogic has helped us integrate data seamlessly from our current legacy systems with minimal effort and time, which helped us increase productivity, and propelled us to do more self-service.”

Tapan Parekh, Director, Data Analytics and Architecture at Kaplan Test Prep

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