What’s Driving the Demand for iPaaS and Cloud Analytics in the Enterprise?

It’s no secret that that there’s a wave of interest in cloud analytics in the enterprise. And as we head into 2015, you can expect to see a slew of predictions that focus on the need for improved big data access and analytics, managing disconnected SaaS silos and API proliferation, as well as the brewing storm of data represented by the Internet of Things. Throughout the year, we’ve covered the rise of the citizen integrator as well as the critical iPaaS requirements. Today we’re starting a series of TechFacts that we want to share based on recent and relevant cloud and big data integration research. In this first post the focus is on the drivers and barriers to adopt a cloud application and data integration platform that can handle multiple use cases, including powering big data and cloud analytics initiatives. (You can also check out the challenges and use cases here.)

At SnapLogic, we’re regularly speaking to our customers about 5 fundamental changes in the enterprise:

  1. The Need for Speed
  2. The New User (and Buyer) Expectations
  3. Changing Data Volumes, Variety and Velocity
  4. Cloudification and Data Gravity
  5. New Standard, Protocols and Architectural Styles

When it comes to adopting an iPaaS and cloud analytics solution and why same old, same old (SO SO) legacy integration tools won’t cut it, the results of our TechValidate Survey from earlier in the year are worth reviewing:

Business Drivers for a Cloud Integration Platform

Barriers to Cloud-based Analytics
Business Drivers for Cloud-Based Analytics


Main Challenges with Traditional On-Premise Technologies for Cloud Integration


Check out the whitepaper with the complete TechValidate survey results here. In my next few posts, we’ll share case studies of some of the survey respondents which highlight the business challenges and key iPaaS and cloud analytics requirements by industry.

Be sure to also register for our webinar in early December with SnapLogic customer Xactly: iPaaS in the Enterprise – What to Look for in a Cloud Integration Platform. And this webinar with industry analyst firm Forrester also dives deep into what’s different and what’s important when it comes to selecting the right iPaaS solution.

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