iPaaS Meets IoT for Big Data Integration

This week SnapLogic Solutions Architect Jason Slater was interviewed about our new MQTT Snaps and Spring 2015 release on the Integration Developer News site.  He notes that, “when it comes to Internet of Things (IoT) data, we see 100% alignment with our approach to big data and cloud application integration.”

jason_slater_snaplogicHere are a few other comments from Jason about how SnapLogic connects data, applications and now things faster:

  • “Customers we talk to about their IoT strategy universally accept that traditional data warehousing approaches are not going to be feasible for this kind of big data storage and analytics… you simply can’t get ‘Things’ into a data warehouse.”
  • Commenting on SnapLogic’s big data integration capabilities, he noted: “Data scientists [and even business analysts] looking for big data insights don’t need to write Java code and complex queries….From the perspective of end-user productivity and time to value, SnapReduce makes designing complex big data integration easy by dynamically generating MapReduce code behind the scenes, leveraging the Cascading framework.  This allows business analysts and data scientists to avoid writing Java code and complex queries and instead focus on what’s most important:  gaining insight from their big data.”
  • “In addition to MQTT, we’re working toward supporting a number of emerging standards to ensure IoT data is able to be managed effectively as part of an overall big data integration and data lake strategy.”

You can read the entire Integration Developer News (IDN) write up on our Spring 2015 release here: SnapLogic Embraces IoT in Latest iPaaS; Adds Value with Hadoop-Ready Integrations.

Be sure to also register for the IDN web conference on iPaaS in June.

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