SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform January 2015 Release

We are pleased to announce that our January 2015 release went live this past weekend. Some of the updates included are:

Faster Pipelines
The Beta subscription feature Ultra Tasks lets a pipeline, known as an Ultra Pipeline, continuously consume documents from external sources. Plain HTTP/S requests can be fed into a pipeline through a FeedMaster that is installed as part of a Groundplex.


A new type of account, Service Accounts, cannot log into the user interface of SnapLogic, but can be used for running triggered tasks using basic authentication.

User Experience Productivity
Continuing to make building pipelines easier, the SnapLogic Designer now supports rubber band select, which allows you to Shift-click and drag to circle around multiple Snaps on the canvas to select them.


In addition, common keyboard commands support was added for copy/paste/delete, undo/redo, select all, and zoom in/zoom out.

Public APIs
User and Group management is now available to org admins through a Public API. Functionality includes listing, creating, updating and deleting users and groups. See the SnapLogic Developer site for more information (customer login required).


Enhanced Expression Language
Additional functions have been added to the SnapLogic Expression Language to gather more information on your Snaps and pipelines. Additionally, the documentation of the Expression Language was reorganized to match the structure of the functions and properties drop-down list.


New and Enhanced Snaps
In this release, we introduce the SAP HANA Upsert Snap and the SQL Server Stored Procedure Snap. In addition, enhancements have been made to multiple Snaps including database accounts, REST, Redshift, Salesforce, SOAP, and Workday.

See the release notes for more information.

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Topics: API Release Snaps

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