Introducing the SnapLogic June 2024 Release!

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The June 2024 release of the SnapLogic platform is here! This release brings:

  • Generative integration updates including support for Amazon OpenSearch and SnapGPT enhancements
  • New user experiences that improve observability and automation

Let’s take a look at the June release highlights.

Generative integration updates

June’s release adds support for Amazon OpenSearch as a vector database for your GenAI applications. The new Amazon OpenSearch Snap Pack allows you to insert new data embeddings and retrieve existing embeddings from the Amazon OpenSearch vector database, to support GenAI applications. 

Vector Databases are crucial when you want to improve the results of your GenAI applications for use cases such as enterprise search chatbots, question-answer chatbots, or any knowledge-base assistants based on proprietary data. 

We continue to enhance SnapGPT, SnapLogic’s GenAI copilot, to improve your experience with the platform. For those who haven’t used SnapGPT recently, a new discovery panel makes it easy to discover SnapGPT skills that you might have missed or forgotten about.

SnapGPT panel for easy skills discovery
Figure 1: SnapGPT panel for easy skills discovery

New user experiences

For better observability

The SnapLogic platform gets a boost that improves observability in your integration environments. With the activity log in Monitor, you can filter for events at the project level. Project-level events today include changes to the pipeline validations.

Another enhancement gives you visibility into the document backlog settings for nodes running your Ultra (-low-latency) pipelines. When the “Max-in-Flight” documents reach the threshold, Ultra Snaplex distributes the load to other nodes in the Snaplex for improved latency. You can review the Max-in-Flight value for your Ultra pipeline and adjust it to match your use case by going to Ultra Task configuration options.

Ultra Task Pipeline Details
Figure 2: Ultra Task Pipeline Details

For better automation

The team has introduced a new public API to “Check Pipeline Quality,” which returns a result similar to the result from a feature introduced a few months ago with SnapGPT. The API returns information, such as “No Notes,” “No Error Handling,” “‘Use of Duplicate Snap Labels,” etc., which can help developers or administrators understand the quality of an automation workflow and address issues before the workflow is put into production. 

These responses provide actionable insight that will help you improve the resiliency of your SnapLogic automations and data pipelines. With a call to this API endpoint, you can ensure that all workflows put into production follow certain corporate quality guidelines.

To learn more about this API, check out this documentation page.

To learn more about the June 2024 Release, please check out the release notes or contact the customer success team. 

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SnapLogic Product Release June 2024

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