June Weather Prediction: Snowflake Descends on the Scorching Las Vegas Heat

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We predict a flurry of activity in Las Vegas this June, but don’t start packing your parkas just yet. It’s going to be a hot one at the world’s largest data, apps and AI conference, the unmissable Snowflake Summit on June 26-29. SnapLogic is thrilled to join the Snowflake crew this year as a premier sponsor. Mark your calendars and join us on this exciting journey right here.

What we’re excited about at Snowflake Summit 2023

This year, our vibrant showcase at booth #1331 will feature:

SnapGPT and Generative AI

Our most exciting release yet, we are thrilled to unveil the first generative AI solution for natural language integration and automation, SnapGPT. A game changer to the world of integration, SnapGPT helps companies move faster by translating business intent into technical delivery, in minutes.

[Join the waitlist for early access to the world’s first generative AI for enterprise integrations, SnapGPT.]

Simplify Your Data Stack

Embrace our one-stop solution for a clutter-free data stack. SnapLogic combines modern data integration, application integration, and API management, meaning less labor, diminished tool sprawl, and a smoother experience in tool management and maintenance.

[Recommended Reading: The State of the Modern Data Stack: Survey Insights From More Than 1,000 Global IT and Business Professionals]

SnapLogic and Snowflake 

Leveraging the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform (iPaaS), you can harmoniously connect a multitude of applications, databases, and systems for streamlined data flows and automated workflows. In a world where “less is more,” we’ve coupled our platform with Snowflake’s data warehouse to create a solution that can turbocharge your data pipelines and integration workflows. 

Enjoy the simplicity of SnapLogic’s drag-and-drop interface, with our AI-assisted integration and automation, with the muscle of SnapGPT and generative AI technologies.

Our session recommendations for Snowflake Summit

“Creating Beautiful Snowscapes: Maximizing the Value of Snowflake Throughout Your Enterprise”

Theater session with Michael Nixon, SnapLogic

Tuesday, June 27 | 3:00 pm 

The current economic climate forces every company to achieve more with less. Join SnapLogic and learn how a modern, intelligent integration platform as a service provides more ways for you to extract value from Snowflake and thrive. Learn specifics on migrating on-premises data, consolidating data from a variety of sources, pushing Snowflake data to business applications, deploying APIs to support limitless data, and more. 

Walk away with tips that will spark your imagination on how to employ AI and create value with Snowflake which serves data engineers, IT, and business users. Also learn innovative ways to cut complexity,  simplify your stack, and automate the flow of Snowflake-powered data across your enterprise with ease.

“How Browns Shoes Scaled Their Business and Modernized Their Stack, Simultaneously”

Breakout session with Joshua Frankel, Browns Shoes

Thursday, June 29 | 12:00 pm 

Browns Shoes, a family-owned business established in Montreal, Canada in1940, is synonymous with top international designer collections and exclusive street-savvy fashion for men, women, and children. When Browns needed to pivot on their soles to a fast-moving, online ordering, fulfillment, and delivery business model they turned to SnapLogic and Snowflake. 

Join this session and learn how Browns Shoes stomped on data challenges, put a shine on data pipelines, and ensured customers’ shipment expectations were met to ultimately step out in new shoes. Also learn how the right integration platform enables Snowflake Cloud Data Platform workloads that are not only about fast analytics, but also about modern operational data sharing and API-led data services. 

Stop by and see SnapLogic in action

The SnapLogic team can’t wait to share all the exciting developments we’ve implemented this year. And, because it’s Las Vegas, we’ll have some fun, games and prizes at booth #1331. Stop by for a game of giant Jenga and a chance to win a limited edition prize. If you’re a SnapLogic customer, reach out to your account manager to collect a special gift at the booth. 

We’re not just redefining data integration — we’re revolutionizing it. And we want to share it with the world. Join us in Vegas to witness the Snowflake-SnapLogic synergy and find out how AI-assisted integration and automation can revolutionize your business data workflows.

Las Vegas is calling, and the stakes are high! Will we see you there?

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June Weather Prediction: Snowflake Descends on the Scorching Las Vegas Heat

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