Mercer and SnapLogic: Tips for Using Gen AI and Low/No-Code To Better Serve Customers

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Data leaders from the globally renowned consulting firm Mercer recently led an engaging discussion about their concerted embrace of data integration through the SnapLogic integration platform. 

Data integration brings together different sources of data to make the data more comprehensive and useful. Companies can create a 360-degree view of their customers by integrating data from their marketing, sales, support, product, and finance tech stacks. This high-level view empowers them to make informed product, pricing, and position decisions.

The company has since been able to fill the chasm between technology and business operations while enhancing operational efficiency, resource optimization, and data empowerment. With data integration, Mercer has witnessed a profound transformation in their operational setup. 

What to look for in an integration platform

An iPaaS platform helps companies consolidate data integration into one tool.  offers notable benefits that can help organizations overcome operational efficiency issues, eliminate resource constraints and empower their data.

1. An easy-to-use, modern interface

A low-to-no code environment can facilitate a streamlined workflow for both basic and advanced users. The ability to enable non-technical staff to swiftly create ad hoc solutions can make integration faster, slashing onboarding times, and fostering efficiency.

2. The ability to set up automation

One concrete use case mentioned was the automation of fixing defects in outbound files. This task, previously manual and resource-heavy, was automated with their integration platform, leading to significant time savings and a remarkable 40% reduction in resource costs over six weeks.

3. Predictable cost 

Data consumption pricing models can be restrictive. A nodes-based pricing model allows users to leverage as much data as needed and create numerous pipelines without being constrained by cost implications.

4. Generative AI applied sensibly and securely

Generative AI-driven integration, aka generative integration, streamlines tasks such as creating pipelines, documenting pipelines, and generating sample data, paving the path for the quick development of complex solutions and fast turnaround times.

How SnapLogic helps Mercer serve customers

A user-friendly and efficient integration platform like SnapLogic’s Intelligent Integration Platform can propel a company toward greater operational efficiency. Here are a few of the benefits that Mercer has seen.

Bridged the gap between technology and business operations

Mercer struggled with requiring high levels of technical skill to craft ad hoc solutions with their previous tools. SnapLogic was put to the test and proved to be user-friendly and able to meet their requirements, allowing non-technical staff to create quick solutions and thus increasing operational efficiency.

Speed and efficiency

They were able to activate quicker integration with minimum technical skills. And, advanced users can find significant value in the platform as it provides a more efficient way for data integration. SnapLogic’s low code approach resulted in faster turnaround times and improved accuracy, even for experienced coders.

Process automation

SnapLogic was used to automate a process to fix a defect in outbound files. This not only saved time but also led to a 40% reduction in resource costs over a six-week period.

Training and engagement

SnapLogic’s hands-on approach and training projects kept Mercer users engaged and allowed them to understand the platform’s capabilities better.

Scalability for data volumes

Whether handling a few hundred rows of data or over a million, processing time remained quick and efficient, demonstrating SnapLogic’s ability to manage variable data volumes.

Generative AI with SnapGPT

SnapGPT is an AI solution designed to facilitate pipeline creation, generate sample data, and assist in building efficient pipelines. The key lies in the platform’s smart use of generative AI and low/no code integration. This approach to data integration provides a unified, practical and cost-effective platform that adheres to various industry standards.

Documentation and development

SnapLogic’s SnapGPT aids in reducing turnaround time and facilitates quick development of complex solutions, shedding light on its practical use in documentation and software development.

SnapLogic’s OEM/embedded program

With SnapLogic’s integration platform, businesses of all sizes, industries and regions can leverage automation, verifiable efficiency, and unrivaled scalability to achieve their data integration goals.

The low/no code graphical environment of SnapLogic simplifies data movement. Coupled with steady deployment architecture, continuous innovation, and scalability, the platform offers a myriad of functionalities that cater to both direct customers and OEM partners.

The discussion highlighted the potential that data integration platforms can harness when appropriately utilized in real-world scenarios. With application integration, efficient operational structures, and generative AI underlining the future of data integrators, active engagement with these technologies is set to shape the path forward for successful enterprises.

Sr. Director, Solutions Marketing at SnapLogic
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Mercer and SnapLogic: Tips for Using Gen AI and Low/No-Code To Better Serve Customers

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