New With the Spring 2016 Release: Data Ingest-Prep-Deliver for Microsoft HDInsight

SnapLogic continues to build on its momentum in cloud-based data management with new support for HDInsight, Microsoft’s big-data-as-a-service on Azure. This follows our other recent announcements regarding support for the Microsoft Azure and Cortana ecosystem including availability in the Azure Marketplace.

According to the “Forrester Wave™: Big Data Hadoop Cloud Solutions, Q2 2016″* report, the majority of organizations surveyed were either increasing or maintaining their investment in data management in a public cloud. Forrester cites cost as the primary driver of growth in cloud-based big data. “Hadoop in the cloud offers a new opportunity to deliver next-generation insights quickly and economically — insights that were previously limited to enterprises with the deep pockets to fund an on-premises big data sandbox.”


At one time there were naysayers in the industry analyst community who said that big data in the cloud would never take off due to latency issues with moving large amounts of data back and forth. But most have since reconsidered that stance. And, according to this same Forrester report, Microsoft is positioned as the leader in this space.

Big data in the cloud just makes sense. In addition to the cost savings of a service model, it’s also “big data when you need it.” The cloud service model is great for variable workloads, and for many organizations that’s just what their Hadoop or Spark needs are: variable.

And having SnapLogic take care of the data ingest — whether data sources are in the cloud or on premises or both — takes care of the latency issues. We enable users of HDInsight to ingest data from virtually any source to an HDInsight cluster, shape that data, and deliver for analysis to business intelligence tools or off-cluster data stores.

Want to learn more about our support for Azure and other Microsoft solutions? Join us May 26 for a Microsoft webinar titled “Connect to Azure Data Services and HDInsight Faster With Self-Service Integration.”

* “Forrester Wave™: Big Data Hadoop Cloud Solutions, Q2 2016,” Noel Yuhanna and Mike Gualtieri, April 22, 2016. 

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