It’s Time to Re-Think Integration #NewIntegrationLeader

re-think-integrationThe Gartner report: CIO Call to Action: Shake Up Your Integration Strategy to Enable Digital Transformation, notes that, “Integration technology from traditional players is no longer the safest choice and may harm short-term productivity.”

Integration expert David Linthicum goes further in the whitepaper, The Death of Traditional Data Integration, warning:

“Data integration is getting a reboot. Everything you currently understand about data integration is changing. Assume that your traditional technology provider will soon be dead. Assume that the strategic use of technology and data will begin to provide even more value to most enterprises, and hopefully create a sense of urgency that things need to quickly change.”

And when it comes to self-service integration, enterprise architecture guru Jason Bloomberg observes in his review: Supporting the ‘Citizen Integrator’ with Enterprise Architecture, that:

“Traditional integration tooling is IT-centric, typically requiring deep technical knowledge. Enterprise Architects must instead be able to recommend tools like SnapLogic whose ease of use facilitates citizen integrators, while simultaneously supporting the governance needs of the IT organization.”

It’s time to re-think data and application integration. It’s time for new integration leadership within the enterprise IT organization as well as within the line of business. And it’s time for a #NewIntegrationLeader.

Don’t settle for same old, same old ETL and ESB technology solutions when it comes to addressing your hybrid cloud and big data integration challenges and the need for speed. Share your stories and help us share what’s possible with SnapLogic’s award-winning Elastic Integration Platform using the hashtag: #NewIntegrationLeader.

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