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Pipeline eCatalog for Sales Teams

Neujahrs Business Breakfast – Daten Integration und Daten Automation mit SnapLogic

Pipeline eCatalog for Marketing Operations

The Definitive Guide to Automating Lead Lifecycle in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing

SnapLogic Extract Load Transform (ELT)

Winter 2021 Announcement: API Management: API User Self Service

Winter 2021 Announcement: Amazon SNS Snap Pack

Winter 2021 Announcement: ELT for Google BigQuery

What’s New in November 2021

Digital Federal Credit Union: Building a Modern, Serverless Infrastructure

ITV: Streamlining Sales Operations and Delighting Audiences with Creative, High-Quality Content Globally

Automation: Unlocking Business Growth and Economic Resilience

Automation – a Driving Force for Economic Growth

SnapLogic for Higher Education

Chocolate & Coffee Tasting: Craft your Perfect Integration Blend

Boosting Employee Productivity with Data Automation at M-Files

Gin o’Clock mit SnapLogic

Gartner® Positions SnapLogic as a Visionary in 2021 Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise iPaaS

Happy Hour with SnapLogic in Palo Alto

SnapLogic Higher Ed Tech Day November

How Enterprise Automation Transformed Schneider Electric

Pipeline eCatalog for People Operations

Gartner® Positions Snaplogic The Visionary in 2021 Magic Quadrant™ for Data Integration Tools

The Definitive HR Enterprise Automation Guide

SnapLogic Flows

Getting Started with SnapLogic Flows

August 2021 Release: API Management: Developer Portal Refresh

August 2021 Release: API Management: Full Lifecycle Management

August 2021 Release: ELT for Delta Lake

What’s New in August 2021 Release

How to Implement SnapLogic Blueprint

Modernize Your Data Integration and Analytics Stack with SnapLogic and Looker

5 IPaaS Must-Haves for Cloud-Centric Data and Analytics Deployments

Schneider Electric: Transforming the Way Employees Work at Schneider Electric

Unlocking Data for Increased Collaboration at BC High School

Cooperative Benefits Group Builds an Entire IT Infrastructure in 4 Months with SnapLogic

Employees Want More AI in the Workplace

SnapLogic Lunch & Learn: How to Automate Your Data

Davidson College Innovates COVID-19 Testing Process with SnapLogic

It’s Time to Transform: Aragon Research Discusses the Future of iPaaS

Supercharge Your AWS Cloud Data Warehouse

SnapLogic 101 Training Workshop – July

SnapLogic Fast Data Loader – May 2021 Updates

AWS Dev Day – EMEA

SnapLogic 101 Training Workshop – June

AWS and SnapLogic Dev Day

Cutting Integration Time from Days to Minutes

Constellation Research Report SnapLogic Simplifies Data & Analytics Integration on AWS

Northgate Markets Streamlines Supply Chain to Boost Sales at 40+ Stores

May 2021 Release: Twilio Snap Pack

May 2021 Release: ELT SCD2

May 2021 Release: Platform Updates

May 2021 Release: Design First and Versioning

SnapLogic Product Release: What’s new in May 2021

Uncovering Innovation Opportunities at a Leading Data Storage Company

Automating the Enterprise from 0 to 60 at Cooperative Benefits Group

SnapLogic Higher Ed Tech Day

EMEA SnapLogic 101 Training June Workshop

Healthcare Real Estate Investment Trust Speeds Up Data Integration with SnapLogic

May 2021 Snappy Hour: API Management Live Demo

Your Go-To Guide for Partner & Digital Marketing Excellence

SnapLogic Modernization Blueprint

Path to Modernization: Accelerate your digital investments

The Impact of COVID-19 on Automative Initiatives

SnapLogic Fast Data Loader

EMEA SnapLogic 101 Training Workshop

Snap Meetup

SnapLogic 101 Training Workshop – May

Checklist: Kick-Start Your Path to Modernization

March Snappy Hour – Fast Data Loader: A Live Demo

SnapLogic for Media & Entertainment

SnapLogic Product Release: What’s new in February 2021

February 2021 Release: Platform Updates – Slack Notifications

February 2021 Release: Platform Updates Search – Pipelines

February 2021 Release: Microsoft PowerBI SnapPack

February 2021 Release: OpenAPI Snap Pack

SnapLogic 101 Training Workshop -April

Automating Finance Processes for a Faster, More Responsive Enterprise

SnapLogic 101 Training Workshop – March – Now Closed

Enterprise Integration Summit Europe


The Price Organizations Pay When They Don’t Trust Their Data

Build Employee Onboarding Workflows in Minutes

February Snappy Hour – Data and App Integration Demo

January Snappy Hour – From ETL to ELT: A Live Demo

Automating Your Procurement Processes

Automating the Customer Journey

Data Distrust: the Impact on analytics projects and decision making

The State of Data Management – The Impact of Data Distrust

Modernize to Maximize Your Business Potential

Nov 2020 Release: Employee Onboarding with MS Exchange, MS OneDrive, Slack

November 2020 Release: Microsoft OneDrive Snap Pack

November 2020 Release: Slack Snap Pack

November 2020 Release: Configured Snap Search

SnapLogic Product Release: What’s new in November 2020

The Spend Management Handbook

Pitney Bowes Accelerates Growth and Innovation

How Siemens Digital Industry Transformed Their Digital Strategy and Moved to a Real-Time Business

7 Questions to Ask from your Data Loader

Breaking Data Silos and Automating Cloud Data Warehouse Integrations

Automating the Employee Journey for a Changing Workforce

SnapLogic 101 Training Workshop – January – NOW CLOSED

The Ultimate Guide to Data Integration

SnapLogic Powers Schoeller Allibert’s Digitization Initiative

SnapLogic Helps Browns Shoes Manage Through COVID-19 Pandemic

Checklist: How to Use Cloud-Based iPaaS to Modernize Integration

Easily Integrate SAP and Non-SAP Spend Management Solutions

Accelerate Your Automation Journey Partner Briefing

August 2020 Release: Snaplex Dashboard

What’s New in August 2020

August 2020 Release: Extract Load Transform (ELT)

August 2020 Release: Sharepoint Online Snap Pack

August 2020 Release: Adobe Experience Platform

August 2020 Release: SnapLogic Enhanced API Management

Building the Automated Enterprise

November Snappy Hour – From ETL to ELT: A Live Demo

October Snappy Hour – From ETL to ELT: A Live Demo

Higher Ed Institutions Navigating in This Changing World

Record Linking/Fuzzy Matching in SnapLogic

The State of Data Management – Why Data Warehouse Projects Fail

The State of Data Management – Why Data Warehouse Projects Fail

September Snappy Hour – Data and App Integration Demo

Data Warehouse, Unleashed

SnapLogic 101 Training Workshop – August

August Snappy Hour – Data & App Integration Demo

SnapLogic and SAP Spend Analytics Demo

How to Migrate Pipelines from Org to Org Without Changing Endpoints

How to Create and Use an Error Pipeline

SnapLogic for Financial Services

App & Data Automation Without Paying More or Writing Code

Forrester Explains How SnapLogic Delivers Nearly 500% ROI in 6 Months

SnapLogic 101 Training Workshop – July

Learn How Box Integrated 30+ Systems in a Snap!

Event-Driven Workday Application Integration

Snappy Hour – Data & App Integration Demo

The Total Economic Impact of SnapLogic

The Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ of SnapLogic

Driving Transformation at V12 Vehicle Finance, a Secure Trust Bank Company

SnapLogic for Healthcare and Pharma

SnapLogic EMEA Partner Enablement Virtual Event

SnapLogic North America Partner Enablement Virtual Event

Rojo Consultancy: Connecting Complex App Ecosystems to Drive Business Performance

Simplify spend management business flows with SAP and SnapLogic

RedEye: Connected Data Powers a Seamless Marketing Automation Experience

May 2020 Release: New Mask Snap

May 2020 Platform Updates

May 2020 Release: SAP S/4HANA Snap Pack

Enterprise Automation Demo: Data, Application, and API Integration

Secure Trust Bank: Automation drives transformation and growth

SIG: Connected Systems and Data-driven Insights Unlock New Business Opportunities

Samaritans: Fast, Efficient Volunteer Onboarding Save Lives

SaaS and ERP Integration with SnapLogic

SnapLogic Product Release: What’s new in May 2020

Updating column names with a single expression

Updating multiple fields with a single expression using SnapLogic

Reusable Lookups in SnapLogic

Video Series: Checking in with Optum

Enterprise Automation Solution Brief

SnapLogic Partner Enablement Virtual Event

Video Series: Checking in with Groupon

Complete Integration Projects 10x Faster

Intelligent Integration with SAP Ariba

Video Series: Checking in with Brex

How to Perform Inner Join with the Join Snap

Working with Dates in a Mapper Snap

Guide to Salesforce Integration

5 Reports, 1 Leader. SnapLogic Leads the Way for Automation and Integration

SnapLogic for Higher Education

Working with SnapLogic Project Permissions

Using SnapLogic’s Pipeline Monitoring API

Using SnapLogic Meta Snaps to Update Tasks

Automating Enterprise Business Journeys

How to use the File Reader Writer

Human Intervention with Error Handling

Faster journey to the cloud and accelerated analytics with AWS and SnapLogic – WPI’s Success Story

Loading a CSV file into MongoDB

Connecting to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Magellan Health on Big Data

Magellan Health on Automation

SnapLogic Application and Data Integration for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

SnapLogic February 2020 Release: Platform Updates

February 2020 Release: Iris AI Enhancements

February 2020 Release: Snap Updates

Magellan Health on SaaS Connectivity

Detecting Schema Change using SnapLogic

How Route Connected Multiple Applications to Harness the Power of Their Customer Data

Magellan Health: Building the Connected Enterprise

February 2020 Product Updates Webinar

dnata catering Australia Completes Complex System Migration Following Acquisition

SAP and SnapLogic: Accelerating Analytics for Better Business Insight

November 2019 Release: Snap Updates

November 2019 Release: Iris AI Enhancements

Optimize Financial Services Operations

Demo: How to Integrate Workday into the Enterprise

3 ways to Simplify Workday integrations – SnapLogic demo and Longview Solutions success story

Application and Data Integration with Adobe Experience Platform

August 2019 Release: SnapLogic eXtreme Updates

August 2019 Release: Iris AI enhancements

August 2019 Release: SnapLogic API Management Updates

August 2019 Release: Platform Updates

SnapLogic debuts as a Visionary in Gartner’s 2019 Data Integration Magic Quadrant

Build a data lake on AWS in minutes – Live demo

Overcoming data integration and governance challenges

Coupa Snap Pack

Driving rapid growth at Hampshire Trust Bank

Thayer Distribution moves data 10X faster with self-service integration

Automate procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processes: Workday + Coupa + SnapLogic

The AI Skills Gap

ROI of SnapLogic

May 2019 Release: API Management Updates

May 2019 Release: Data Science Updates

May 2019 Release: Platform Updates

ROI Bake Off: Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) vs. Custom Hand-Coding

Opya saves 1,000 hours of manual integration work in one year with SnapLogic

The AI ethics deficit – IT Leaders in the US and UK want more attention paid to AI ethics, responsibility, and regulation.

How To Complete Integration Projects 300% Faster

February 2019 Release: Webinar

SnackNation reduces integration workload by 50 percent with SnapLogic

February 2019 Release: SnapLogic eXtreme updates

February 2019 Release: Salesforce Platform Events Snap

February 2019 Release: SnapLogic Resumable Pipelines

February 2019 Release: SnapLogic API Management

February 2019 Release: SnapLogic Data Science updates

Digital ecosystems and the power of API management

SnapLogic Data Science: Model deployment

Forrester names SnapLogic a Leader in the Forrester Wave™: Strategic iPaaS And Hybrid Integration Platforms, Q1 2019

SnapLogic Data Science: Data collection and preparation

SnapLogic Data Science: Model building and validation

Building Your Continuous Intelligence Capability for Digital Transformation

Evolving From Spreadsheets in the Age of Modern Analytics and Business Intelligence

The dawn of self-service machine learning: Fixing the flaws of traditional ML approaches

Intelligent B2B integration: How modern EDI can leapfrog into the cloud

Modernize and transform your approach to EDI and B2B integration

SnapLogic November 2018 Release: Webcast

SnapLogic for B2B Integration

SnapLogic Data Science

November 2018 Release: EDI Snap Pack

SnapLogic Data Science

November 2018 Release: Workday Prism Snap Pack

November 2018 Release: OpenAPI Generation in YAML or JSON Formats

November 2018 Release: Snowflake Multi Execute Snap

November 2018 Release: SnapLogic API Usage

November 2018 Release: Data Catalog

The AI Mindset: Getting Started with Self-Service Machine Learning

Self-service integration for data-driven insights

Busting Through Digital Transformation Roadblocks

Busting Through Digital Transformation Roadblocks

Making the faculty and academia even smarter at Boston University

API 101: Modern technology for creating business value

SnapLogic UI Walkthrough

SnapLogic Architecture Overview

A Snaplex Groundplex to Docker Installation

Teradata to Snowflake Migration with SnapLogic

The State of Modern Enterprise Data Architecture for Big Data Analytics

SnapLogic Ultra Pipelines

Data scientist shortage? No problem. Self-service machine learning made possible by SnapLogic

Why work at SnapLogic

SnapLogic Patterns Catalog Overview

The SnapLogic Partner Program

Forrester on advanced analytics: The imperative to move your data lake to the cloud

Unlock digital transformation with SnapLogic integration

SnapLogic Patterns Catalog Overview

Self-service integration: Powering today’s data-driven companies

Guide to Microsoft Azure Integration

Architect a future-proof customer 360 data strategy

Modern Data Architecture Survey

Integration and Agile IT Survey

Digital Transformation Survey

August 2018 Release: GitHub Cloud Integration

August 2018 Release: Mesosphere support

August 2018 Release: Reltio Execute Snap

August 2018 Release: Iris AI Integration Assistant

August 2018 Release: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Snap Pack

August 2018 Release: Enhanced Dashboard Search

Lean IT: Investing to Power Self-Service

SnapLogic Metadata Snap

Guide to Workday integration

SnapLogic – Azure API Gateway Integration

Data Lakes in Modern Architecture

6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Modern Enterprise Data Architecture

Easing the pain of big data: Modern Enterprise Data Architecture

Enterprise data and its unique challenges

Study: The 2018 Data Value Report

The Value of Time in Agile Organizations

Snaps Overview

Salesforce to Amazon SQS

Salesforce to Amazon DynamoDB

CSV to Amazon DynamoDB

SnapLogic-Amazon API Gateway Integration

A Buyer’s Guide to Application and Data Integration

SnapLogic Innovation Day 2018

Big Data Integration

API-based integration at TBWA Worldwide

Why companies choose SnapLogic

Gaurav Dhillon on the future of enterprise integration

James Markarian on big data and SnapLogic eXtreme

Diletta D’Onofrio on integration in digital transformation success

Craig Stewart on the role of APIs and integration with Apigee Edge

Greg Benson on how AI is accelerating app and data integration

Omar Nawaz on his approach to digital transformation at Quantum

May 2018 Release Webinar

SnapLogic API Management

May 2018 Release: High Availability Ultra

May 2018 Release: Swagger Generation

May 2018 Release: SAP Analytics Cloud Snap Pack

May 2018 Release: Adobe Cloud Platform Snap Pack

May 2018 Release: Snaplex Whitelisting

May 2018 Release: Apigee Integration

Considerations for a Strategic Digital Transformation Road Map

SnapLogic Champions: Four customer stories

Agile companies and digital transformation: Where iPaaS and APIs come together

Greg Benson, SnapLogic | Flink Forward 2018

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) – SnapLogic Integration Champions

Achieving operational excellence at George Weston Foods

Adobe Cloud Platform Snap Pack Demo

The Step-by-Step Guide to Modern Data Warehousing

Rapid Cloud Data Integration for AWS Redshift

Kaplan Test Prep – SnapLogic Integration Champions

Gaining insights from Kaplan Test Prep’s data lake

SnapLogic February 2018 Release Webcast

Three Steps to Automate HR Processes with SnapLogic

SnapLogic February 2018 Release: Reltio Snap Pack

SnapLogic February 2018 Release: File Operations Snap

SnapLogic February 2018 Release: Recycle Bin

SnapLogic February 2018: Amazon SQS Snap Pack

Accelerating the Healthcare Industry’s Transformation Through Faster Integration

SnapLogic Explainer Video

451 Research: SnapLogic eyes international growth with iPaaS updates and its Iris view of AI

SnapLogic: Self-driving software for enterprise integration

The Business and the Rise of the Citizen Integrator

Data integration best practices to enhance the digital customer

Delivering a Unified Enterprise for Hybrid Deployment with Microsoft and SnapLogic

Security and Privacy Overview

SnapLogic Accelerates Salesforce and CRM Application Integration Into The Customer Process

SnapLogic Fall 2017 Release: Parquet Reader/Writer Snap Enhancements

SnapLogic Fall 2017 Release: Google BigQuery Snap Enhancements

SnapLogic Fall 2017 Release: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations (AX) Snap Pack

SnapLogic Fall 2017 Release: Amazon DynamoDB Query Snap Enhancements

SnapLogic Fall 2017 Release: Dynamic Validation

SnapLogic Fall 2017 Release: PySpark Script Snap

SnapLogic Fall 2017 Release: Error Pipeline

SnapLogic: Low-code, truly hybrid integration

Gaurav Dhillon at Web Summit Lisbon 2017

Turning data into decisions at Pure Storage

Accelerating Your Workday Integration Into Modern Enterprise Environments

Enterprise reality check: Extending the value of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

A Data-driven HR Organization of the Future

Live Demo: How SnapLogic Accelerates Salesforce and CRM Application Integration

Pure Storage – SnapLogic Integration Champions

Live Demo: SnapLogic and AWS Weather the Integration Storm

Getting a 360-degree view of customers at KORE Wireless

SnapLogic Professional Training

SnapLogic Beginner Training

SnapLogic Support Overview

Delivering exceptional customer experience at Inenco

SnapLogic Culture SlideShare

GameStop – SnapLogic Integration Champions

SnapLogic for iRobot

Box – SnapLogic Integration champions

SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Platform for Box

Live Demo: Accelerate Workday Application Integration

Free assessment tool to evaluate your cloud data warehouse readiness

Traditional data warehousing is dead

The productivity pains of disconnected data

To cloud or not to cloud. Where should your data reside?

Study: How disconnected data is causing productivity pains for organizations

Competitive advantages of real-time analytics

Office Hours Package Services

Production Readiness Implementation

SnapLogic Integrator Certification

SnapLogic E-Learning Library

SnapLogic Center of Excellence

Connecting the dots at Box

SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform

SnapLogic Company Overview

AstraZeneca Supports Strategic Cloud Shift With “Citizen Integrator” Platform

Jump-Start Your Cloud Data Warehouse

Creating a quote-to-cash orchestration

Maximizing ROI at a fortune 100 consumer packaged goods retailer

Data Integration with HVR

Application and Data Integration with Zuora

Application and Data Integration with Workday

Data Integration with Snowflake

Application and Data Integration for Salesforce

Application and Data Integration for ServiceNow

Data Integration for Microsoft Cortana Analytics Suite

Application and Data Integration for AWS Redshift

Data Integration with Splunk

Application and Data Integration with Reltio

The high cost of disconnected data

SnapLogic Live – Big Data Integration

Accelerate digital transformation with faster Workday integration

Kick Redshift into high gear

A comprehensive guide to the enterprise integration cloud

Live Demo: AI-powered, no-code integration technology connecting data, apps, APIs, and things

The Enterprise Integration Cloud: What to look for in a New Era of Integration

8 Reasons Why Your Legacy Data Integration Plan Must Change

iPaaS: What it is, why it matters, and when you need it

Data integration best practices in the age of the digital customer

Supporting the ‘Citizen Integrator’ with Enterprise Architecture

Will the Data Lake Drown the Data Warehouse?

How to Build an Enterprise Data Lake

Challenges of Microservices Architectures

Microservices: Avoiding dumb pipes

The Death of Traditional Data Integration

Buses don’t fly: Why the ESB is the wrong approach for cloud integration

Four critical considerations when evaluating an integration platform

The SnapLogic Integration Cloud: A technical overview

The Integration Implications of the Internet of Things in a Connected World

The high cost of disconnected data

The Integrator’s Dilemma

Supercharge your cloud data warehousing

5 ways to revolutionize HR onboarding with elastic integration

Taming the Integration Nightmares of a 1,000 App Enterprise

How rapid Workday integration drives digital transformation

“We left Informatica, now you can, too”

Evolution of data management for the IoT

Connecting SaaS applications and data in a modern microservice architecture

Democratizing the data lake: The state of big data management in the enterprise

SnapLogic unveils machine-learning-driven integration assistant

Cloud Integration at iRobot: Powering the Elastic Enterprise

What to Look for in a Cloud Integration Platform

Weathering the Data Storm: How SnapLogic and Amazon Web Services Deliver Analytics in the Cloud for Earth Networks

The Data Lake Data Integration Challenge

Get to the cloud and big data faster with modern data integration

The 5 most critical things to understand about modern data integration

The hybrid data ecosystem: Are you battling an illogical data warehouse?

Stay connected after Dreamforce

Beyond batch: Is ETL still relevant in the API economy?

SnapLogic Live: Spark Data Pipelines

iPaaS in the enterprise: What to look for in a cloud integration platform

Challenges of Microservices Architectures

Hybrid cloud integration: Why it’s different and why it matters

SnapLogic Live: AWS Integration

Analyst Report

Gartner Positions SnapLogic a Leader in 2020 Magic Quadrant for…

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Case Study

Connecting the dots at Box

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Pure Storage – SnapLogic Integration Champions

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