Partnership Achievement Unlocked: SnapLogic and AWS Collaborate To Simplify Data and App Integration

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I am excited to announce that SnapLogic has signed a Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with AWS to enhance our use of AWS Bedrock and the Claude2 large language model (LLM) in our Generative Integration strategy. Generative Integration is an advanced approach to data and application integration that leverages generative AI and LLMs to democratize access to data – no matter where it is stored – for a range of use cases.

What the SnapLogic and AWS partnership means

This SCA expands upon the strong partnership that has existed between SnapLogic and AWS for many years. As an ISV Accelerate partner, SnapLogic performs within the top 1% of AWS partners. Together the companies enjoy hundreds of joint customers and have collaborated to establish several integrated solutions, ranging from Amazon HealthLake to Amazon Connect and a variety of native Snaps to simplify the use of core services such as Redshift, Aurora and S3 datalakes in a range of customer solutions.

At the heart of our partnership is a shared vision of simplifying data and application integrations for businesses of all sizes. By melding SnapLogic’s powerful Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) with AWS’s versatile cloud solutions, we have jointly crafted a robust framework that empowers businesses to create, manage, and monitor integrations with ease. 

Unified support across industries

Highlighting our collective strength: The synergy between SnapLogic and AWS has manifested in myriad success stories across diverse sectors.


SnapLogic’s platform, coupled with AWS’s secure cloud storage, empowers healthcare professionals with real-time insights while ensuring unparalleled patient data security.


Our joint prowess provides the financial sector with seamless data flows, enhancing trust and agility in operations ranging from risk analysis and fraud detection to portfolio management.


Our combined tools offer retailers real-time insights into buying patterns, inventory levels, and sales predictions, enabling heightened customer-centric strategies and streamlined inventory management.


Digital transformations in manufacturing are accelerated through our joint solutions, with real-time monitoring and predictive analytics at the forefront, allowing for unprecedented operational visibility.

By leveraging SnapLogic’s elastic scalability combined with AWS’s unparalleled infrastructure, businesses not only enjoy high availability but also a performance caliber ready to tackle the most data-intensive challenges. The broader market opportunity underscores the immense potential of our collaboration. As businesses navigate complex data terrains, the fusion of SnapLogic’s SnapGPT with AWS’s Bedrock and the Claude2 LLM emerges as an emblem of innovation, setting new standards in accuracy, efficiency, and user experience.

Beyond solutions: envisioning a transformed tomorrow

Education and community initiatives are progressively adopting digital platforms. Our combined strength enables institutions to offer e-learning experiences, manage vast educational resources, and ensure uninterrupted student engagement in transformative ways.

Our vision extends beyond the current technological horizon. With emerging technologies like edge computing and augmented reality, our partnership is exploring ways to provide integrated and futuristic solutions, ensuring our customers remain at the technological forefront.

The SCA between SnapLogic and AWS is more than an agreement; it’s a commitment. A commitment to joint marketing and sales endeavors, emphasizing our dedication to customer success. As we move forward, our combined vision remains focused: delivering unparalleled value and transformative solutions, redefining industry benchmarks, and empowering businesses globally.

Jason Wakeam headshot
VP Partner Sales and OEM at SnapLogic
Partnership Achievement Unlocked: SnapLogic and AWS Collaborate To Simplify Data and App Integration

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