SnapLogic Ultra Pipelines: A Modern Alternative to Legacy ESB Technology

snaplogic_ultra_pipelineSnapLogic recently introduced Ultra Pipelines, which is a turbo boost to our JSON-centric data pipeline technology, enabling reliable, real-time completion of time-sensitive enterprise tasks and processes. In this Integration Developer News review, SnapLogic product manager Tim Lui describes Ultra Pipelines this way:

“Unlike some iPaaS or on-prem integration solutions that require a trigger or an event (such as a write or update) to activate an integration, our real-time integration technology puts in place a long-running connection that is always listening and waiting for instructions. That way, Ultra Pipelines are instantly ready to execute when there is new data.”

He goes on to note, “something we find customers really like is they gain this added speed — without having to give up scalability. So, customers gain huge performance benefits and still get the elastic architecture we’ve always offered.”

In a comprehensive article about the advantages of lightweight “microservices” compared to “the heavyweight, middleware-centric enterprise service buses (ESBs) that drove many of the SOA implementations in the 2000s,” SOA author and industry expert Jason Bloomberg talks about Avoiding Dumb Pipes, observing,“SnapLogic customers can leverage their Ultra Pipelines to build microservices that serve as “web scale pipes.” (His article has started an interesting dialog on LinkedIn.)

Enterprise Management Associates also published a write up on Ultra Pipelines (SnapLogic Accelerates iPaaS Data Delivery with Ultra Pipelines), outlining how the Elastic Integration Platform is well-suited for real-time and batch-oriented application and data integration use cases. EMA concludes:

“Even as pre-built Snaps eliminate work cycles and manual processes related to data integration, SnapLogic Ultra Pipelines accelerates data delivery. This parallel approach to addressing the twin challenges of big data integration and real-time processing reinforces SnapLogic’s position as a leader in the data integration and iPaaS space.”

I’ve embedded the EMA review below. You can learn more about SnapLogic Ultra Pipelines here and for additional thoughts on why the ESB is wrong approach for managing modern cloud and big data integration requirements, be sure to read our whitepaper: Why Buses Don’t Fly in the Cloud as well as Dave Linthicum’s paper: The Death of Traditional Integration:How the Changing Nature of IT Mandates New Approaches and Technologies.

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