SnapLogic’s 2024 Predictions: Part Two

Dayle Hall
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Last week we shared predictions from some of our esteemed SnapLogic industry experts on what could be in store for a sure-to-be transformative year in 2024. And we’re keeping the party going. Join us on this exhilarating journey as we explore the forefront of innovation and unravel the exciting possibilities that await in Generative Integration this year!

Chief Scientist, Greg Benson

GenAI regulation will be essential to its adoption

There will be a significant emphasis on regulating GenAI, capturing the attention of both governing bodies and business leaders. Recognizing the impracticality of halting AI development, the focus will shift towards creating clear regulations, guidelines, and best-use practices to ensure the safe and secure advancement of AI partnerships. Similar to regulating other technologies, establishing boundaries for safety is essential to harness the benefits of GenAI without compromising progress. 

Governments will prioritize regulating areas with the greatest impact on citizens, particularly in frontier AI, while businesses must understand and address the risks, challenges, and security issues associated with GenAI tools to ensure internal compliance and transparent communication with customers.

AI and the question of originality will spark diligence

In the coming year, there will be a notable increase in the general population’s proficiency in using AI, both in professional settings and personal endeavors. Students, in particular, will engage with GenAI on a larger scale, utilizing tools like ChatGPT as personal tutors for understanding concepts or generating problem solutions. However, a challenge arises as the temptation to rely on GenAI for answers, even partially, can lead to concerns about academic integrity. 

Defining best practices for GenAI usage in classrooms remains an ongoing process, with universities lacking clear policies, and the larger issue of intellectual property rights arising as GenAI is trained on internet-accessible creations. The year 2024 is poised to witness these complexities unfold across various industries and legal arenas.

Universities will begin to teach prompt engineering

In 2024, universities will teach prompt engineering as a minor field of study and through certificate programs. Prompt engineering for GenAI is a skill already augmenting domain experts, similar to how computing has augmented other domains. The successful use of large language models (LLMs) relies heavily on giving the models the right prompts. 

When looking to fill the role of a prompt engineer, the task becomes finding a domain expert who can formulate a question with examples in a specific domain, a skill critical for today’s IT professionals to refine to successfully implement LLMs. Given this, universities will introduce new academic focus areas to address the growing demand for professionals with specific skills required to build the next generation of GenAI applications. 

VP of Cloud Data Marketing, Michael Nixon

AI is already bringing self-service to data and app integration

Long before the current hype, at the start of the year a couple of years ago, I predicted that we would start to see the infusion of AI with the onslaught of purpose-built applications designed to help the masses create their own business application or integration. Providing ease-of-use and self-service across the masses is too compelling. We see this now playing out with LLMs augmented with private business data to create company-specific applications and business solutions. 

AI will become a high-speed programming language translator

I will extend this thought to predict that in the coming year, languages like Python, Scala, Ruby-on-Rails, and others will start to become the COBOL and Fortran of our current IT generation. While Python, et al., will remain important, these languages are too relegated to specialists. Machines will develop faster and user interfaces will be easier. 

Democratizing application-building will be good for business

Ultimately, application-building organizations and companies will realize that, without AI, they will not be able to keep pace and scale when business application-building is in the hands of the few. Especially true when companies encounter industry competitors moving faster and with broader, and more productive, people resources that include GenAI-empowered business technologists. 

Evolving the Enterprise

These exciting developments in AI are changing every facet of marketing and the technology my teams use every day. Seeing the power of products like GenAI Builder, it’s clear to see the entire enterprise is evolving. It will require agility, adaptability, and a willingness to push the envelope on innovation. 

If you want to learn more from other industry leaders, specialists and pioneers in this GenAI world, save your seat for the Evolving the Enterprise summit coming in March.

Dayle Hall
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Data and AI Predictions for 2024 Part 2

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