Best Practices for Supercharging Cloud Analytics on Amazon Redshift

Best Practices for Supercharging Cloud Analytics on Amazon Redshift

A hot topic of conversation for us lately has been next-generation cloud analytics and business intelligence (BI), which we addressed recently in How a Modern Approach to Analytics Drives Success in the Enterprise with the help of expert Howard Dresner and SnapLogic partner Tidemark. We also spent some time with the Boulder BI Brain Trust (#BBBT) discussing integration platform as a service (iPaaS) and some our recent cloud integration and analytics survey results.

This week, we hosted a webinar focused on best practices for supercharging cloud analytics, specifically with Amazon Redshift. While Amazon Redshift offers a phenomenal low-cost offering for petabyte scale analytics in the cloud, the secret sauce to customers’ business analytics strategies still remains rooted on the approach, methodologies and the amount of data incorporated into this critical exercise. On the webinar, we discussed best practices for supercharging cloud analytics initiatives, as well as tips and tricks on designing the right information architecture, data models and other tactical optimizations.

Along with SnapLogic’s Senior Director of Product Marketing Maneesh Joshi, we were joined by Tina Adams, a Senior Product Manager from AWS and Brandon Davis of Cervello. Topics discussed included:

  • The latest Amazon Redshift  feature enhancements
  • How the SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform can speed up your time to value
  • Case studies and implementation best practices from experienced practitioners

We’d like to thank our partners from AWS and Cervello for participating in an extremely informative webinar. It was a great opportunity for information and/or integration architects, data warehouse practitioners, systems integrators and BI practitioners to hear more about what can be done with Amazon Redshift and the important role played by fast, multi-point and modern data integration technology. If you’d like to find out how SnapLogic can power your AWS Redshift initiative, be sure to check out our free cloud data integration trial for Amazon Redshift. As Terry Wise of AWS commented when we announced our new Snap Patterns and the Redshift trial, “With SnapLogic’s Integration platform, Amazon Redshift customers can pull massive volumes of data from multiple sources into Amazon Redshift at a fraction of the cost of a traditional data integration solution.”

If you missed the webinar, check out the recording here or get an overview of what we discussed in the slides below:

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