What’s New in Big Data? Upcoming Events with the SnapLogic Team

SnapLogic_Events_Nov2015The SnapLogic team is charging full steam ahead this month talking big data and what it means for the future of enterprise IT, with some recent and upcoming speaking opportunities led by our fearless leader, Gaurav Dhillon. This week Gaurav spoke on a panel at Andreessen Horowitz a16z Tech Summit SF, titled “Own Your Data, Don’t Be Owned By It”. Joined by leaders from Cazena, Databricks and Mixpanel, the summit examined technologies that are changing the future of business and Gaurav’s panel specifically addressed big data, and if CIOs and CMOs are using it or just talking about it. Gaurav will also be speaking at the a16z Tech Summit in London next week. He was also at the Variety Big Data Summit on a panel with executives from Microsoft and Google. Here’s a picture of the panel from Twitter.

We’re also sending a team to a few upcoming events including the CDM Media Big Data Summit, an event in Phoenix next week for C-level executives involved in data storage, management and analysis to discuss how companies can effectively manage, protect and leverage the growing amounts of data in the enterprise.

SnapLogic specifically will be sponsoring the Mobile Data Quality Thought Leadership portion of the Summit. Data quality has long been one of the most challenging issues that IT organizations and the enterprises that are home to them have had to deal with. Everyone knows that these data quality issues exist, but the cost and complication of addressing them has pushed them to the back burner. With a focus on best practices, the event will allow attendees to explore strategies and technologies surrounding real-time data processing, data protection and privacy, meeting industry regulations and compliance, and data storage.

And finally, catch us in December for the Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit in Las Vegas. We enjoy going to this event every year to talk to attendees about modern integration challenges and how, as mobile, cloud and IoT transform the enterprise, application and data integration strategies must evolve to seize new opportunities. These strategies usually include the need for a hybrid integration platform, that is able to handle streaming, event-based application integration and real-time and batch-oriented data integration. We’ll be talking about SnapLogic’s Elastic Integration Platform as a service (iPaaS) of course.

Next steps:

  • Read more from Gartner here on why businesses should begin converging application and data integration.
  • Be sure to register online for Gartner AADI with SnapLogic discount code APNS38 connect with us at the show.
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