SnapLogic Introduces Snap Patterns to Accelerate Cloud Adoption

First in the series: Snap Patterns for Amazon Redshift
Reusable process and data integration patterns simplify connecting cloud services.

SAN MATEO, Calif. — March 26, 2014 — SnapLogic, the Elastic Integration TM company, today extended its focus on powering cloud analytics initiatives and simplifying connecting cloud applications with the introductions of Snap Patterns. Now available within the SnapLogic Integration Cloud Designer, Snap Patterns are easy to configure and address the most common integration use cases and data flows for connecting cloud services like Amazon Redshift from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“Our vision for Snap Patterns is to make cloud analytics, data warehousing, APIs and application integration even faster and easier,” said Gaurav Dhillon, CEO at SnapLogic. “And SnapLogic enables any integration, whether cloud to cloud, enterprise to enterprise or cloud to enterprise, thereby removing the barriers to cloud services adoption and eliminating software as a service (SaaS) silos with a single cloud integration platform to power analytics, API management and enterprise cloudification.”

Powering Analytics in the Cloud: Free Trial and Snap Patterns for Amazon Redshift
First available in the series, Snap Patterns for Amazon Redshift allow users to rapidly load and synchronize data from sources such as Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server and PostgreSQL directly into Amazon Redshift. Available from SnapLogic as a 30-day free trial with no on-premises software required, Snap Patterns are ideal for organizations considering Amazon Redshift as a low-cost, faster alternative to traditional data warehousing. AWS infrastructure charges apply.

Users of the SnapLogic Snap Patterns can use MicroStrategy, Qlikview, Tableau, Tidemark or other leading business intelligence (BI) tools to run analytics and visualize the data in Amazon Redshift. Snap Patterns for Amazon Redshift allow organizations to:

  • Accelerate cloud data warehouse adoption with prebuilt patterns that can be configured by an automatically-generated series of steps.
  • Rapidly connect Amazon Redshift to a variety of relational database services including Amazon RDS for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and SQL Server.
  • Quickly load data into an Amazon S3 bucket and kick off the Amazon Redshift import process in a single step.
  • Easily replicate source tables into their Amazon Redshift clusters and detect daily changes to keep data synchronized.
  • Take advantage of core REST and SOAP Snaps for broader connectivity.
  • Visually design a variety of data operations using a set of core Snaps such as Binary, Flow, Script, Transform and XML.
  • Do sophisticated extract, transform and load (ETL) operations such as slowly changing dimensions type 2 (SCD2) and database lookups without any coding.
  • Start with a free trial of an easy to use wizard and upgrade to the full SnapLogic integration platform as a service (iPaaS) in order to connect to data from, Teradata, Netezza, SAP, Oracle ERP and other systems without losing any of their existing work.

“SnapLogic is simplifying data integration with its cloud-based iPaaS solution,” said Terry Wise, Director, Worldwide Partner Ecosystem, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “Their powerful, yet easy-to-use data loading and integration wizard allows Amazon Redshift customers to quickly explore the benefits of a fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service using their own data.”

Building out the SnapStore and the SnapLogic Community
SnapLogic offers more than 160 intelligent connectors, called Snaps, on the SnapStore today. The new Snap Patterns build on this strategy and take advantage of the true cloud aspects of the platform, including re-use, sharing best practices across tenants and self-learning. Specific Snap Patterns planned for SaaS applications include (order to cash with SAP and Oracle EBS), Workday (employee onboarding) and ServiceNow (trouble ticket resolution). In the first half of the year SnapLogic will be rolling out a user community for sharing Snap Patterns for cloud analytics and cloud application providers.

“More and more companies are moving their business analytics to the cloud to take advantage of the cost savings,” said Wayne Eckerson, founder of Eckerson Group. “By speeding and simplifying data connections, the SnapLogic Snap Patterns make it easier for businesses to further maximize adoption and benefits of their cloud investments.”

The 30-day trial of the SnapLogic Integration Cloud Snap Patterns for Amazon Redshift is available today. To learn more and get started, please visit: AWS infrastructure charges apply.

SnapLogic will also be a Bronze sponsor at the AWS Summit in San Francisco on March 26, 2014.

About SnapLogic
SnapLogic is the leader in Elastic Integration, helping companies connect enterprise applications in the cloud and on-premise for improved business agility and faster decision-making. With the award-winning SnapLogic Integration Cloud, organizations can more quickly and affordably achieve data and application integration and improve the timeliness of their information flow. SnapLogic offers a scalable, elastic integration platform as a service (iPaaS) and a rich library of intelligent connectors called Snaps. Funded by leading venture investors, including Andreessen Horowitz and Ignition Partners, SnapLogic is used by prominent companies in the Global 2000.

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