Workday EIB

The Workday EIB (Enterprise Interface Builder) is a tool that supplies users with both a guided and graphical interface. Since the EIB does not need any coding, it is easy to use. Workday EIBs are not a replacement for programming but can supplement programming. Developers use EIBs to insert simple components into their larger code. EIBs are also good for recording different types of data.

There are various types of Workday EIBs. The two primary options are outbound EIBs and inbound EIBs. An outbound EIB withdraws data from a specific source. It then saves extracted data for further use or sends it to be processed. The majority of outbound EIBs use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to transfer data. An inbound EIB works differently. Rather than using FTP, an inbound EIB transfers data directly. Inbound EIBs are extremely simple to use and have friendly interfaces that are modeled on familiar items, like spreadsheets. This allows for quick adoption.

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