As your data moves to the cloud, your integrations should too

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Legacy, relational ETL tools like Informatica cannot keep pace with the modern enterprise’s need for speed, agility, and time to value. If you’re running Informatica, you’re running behind. Your antiquated infrastructure simply can’t deliver the dynamic customer experience you need to grow your business.

Moving to SnapLogic is easy.


Purpose-built for the cloud

Informatica was designed for the client-server era, and it does on-prem ETL well. If the majority of your business is behind a firewall and you plan on keeping it that way, you’re in good hands. But for most modern businesses, the majority of apps, data, and infrastructure have moved to the cloud. Connecting these diverse, fast-growing cloud sources – with each other, and with your on-prem investments – requires a new approach to integration, designed for the times.

SnapLogic was purpose-built for the cloud. No legacy components. A self-upgrading, elastic execution grid with built-in, enterprise-grade security. Scale up or out. Over 500 pre-built Snaps connect to just about anything. Manage any environment – in the cloud, on-prem, or hybrid.


One platform, all your apps and data

Informatica provides different solutions for different integration scenarios, each with their own UI/UX. If you’ve got the time, money, and resources to learn, implement, and manage different platforms for various use cases, Informatica might be for you. 

What’s more, while Informatica handles relational data fluently, they struggle mightily with unstructured data, making fast, seamless integration with modern, cloud-native, document-centric applications impossible.

SnapLogic provides a single, unified platform to manage all your app integration, data integration, API management, B2B integration, and data engineering projects – securely and at scale. And, we process unstructured data natively, speeding up your integrations and ensuring your teams are working with complete, accurate data. As a result, you get better economies of scale, lower total cost of ownership, and faster time to value.


Self-service, AI-powered, and business-friendly

Traditional ETL software, like Informatica, requires expensive database knowledge, SQL coding, and DBA level skills. This takes time and costs money in short supply for most organizations. As integration projects increasingly get democratized, involving more and more LOB teams across the enterprise, low-code, self-service, AI-powered platforms are a must. 

In addition, as cloud applications are constantly customized, a platform like SnapLogic that uses dynamic schema techniques to adapt to changes without breaking integrations saves countless hours of tedious maintenance.

SnapLogic balances design simplicity with platform power to obtain immediate value. Designed for IT and business users alike, the intuitive, AI-powered, self-service software allows for easy snap-and-assemble orchestrations via a drag-and-drop interface. Every integration is clicks-not-code – from connecting apps and data, to applying complex transformations, to loading data warehouses – driving productivity and value.

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SnapLogic enables you to complete integration projects up to 10x faster compared to legacy integration tools. SnapLogic was founded to do what Informatica cannot.

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