Case Study

Northgate Markets Streamlines Supply Chain to Boost Sales at 40+ Stores

With more than 40 locations across Southern California, Northgate Markets is a full-service grocery store renowned for its large selection of authentic Latin American food. To continue delivering on its brand promise, the grocery store needed to modernize their backend data integration architecture. 

Northgate Markets selected SnapLogic as its enterprise integration platform, and delivered the following:

  • Real-time data analytics and reporting from all locations to the HQ for business review and decision making
  • On-time product restocks thanks to zero data loss in order processes from each point-of-sales (POS) to the distribution center, whereas up to 35% of order processes were lost in transit
  • Streamlined vendor onboarding and order management, enabling more vendors to onboard at a faster rate

Download the Northgate Markets case study to learn more. 

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