Data Sheet

7 Questions to Ask from your Data Loader

The emergence of cloud data warehouses (CDW) has transformed the way data is prepared for analytics. CDWs have significantly reduced the barriers to entry in making data-driven business decisions, even for the smallest of organizations. CDWs don’t require any upfront costs and provide on-demand scalability, reduced data storage costs, and massive processing power. As CDW adoption has grown, IT, as well as business teams, are looking for ways to load data quickly into CDW and accelerate analytics. Extract Load Transform (ELT) architecture addresses this market demand.

Data Loaders solve for the first two parts of the ELT architecture, i.e. Extract and Load. Data Loaders ‘extract’ data from applications and data sources and then ‘load’ it into the cloud data warehouse. Data Loaders help get data swiftly into the CDW so that it’s available for transformations within the data warehouse and downstream analytics sooner.

As you look to identify a Data Loader that will work best for you, here is a helpful list of key things you should consider. Download this checklist now, print it, and stick it behind your monitor. You can thank us later!

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