Data Sheet

Application and Data Integration with Adobe Experience Platform

Organizations struggle with data sitting in silos across hundreds of applications and data stores. This makes a personalized customer experience almost impossible. Applications can analyze existing data they have, but without complete data, those insights are less actionable and can even be misleading. Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) can leverage data from multiple sources to build real-time customer profiles. It then leverages these profiles to deliver personalized customer experiences at scale.

With SnapLogic, you can bring in data from behavioral, transactional, financial, and operational data sources by leveraging 500+ pre-build connectors to build real-time customer profiles in just hours.

The AEP Read/Write Snaps can:

  • ‘AEP Write Snap’ can insert, create, and update customer records to capture activity such as new or updated customer information, new or canceled orders, or recent customer activity.
  • ‘AEP Read Snap” can surface certain attributes from a real-time profile of customers to upstream applications for enhanced customer experience.

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