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SnapLogic GenAI Builder

In the rapidly evolving world of GenAI, it is difficult to create enterprise-grade, LLM-powered applications and integrations that meet security, governance, and compliance requirements without help from programmers and data scientists. Not anymore!

GenAI Builder from SnapLogic empowers everyone to create GenAI-powered automations and applications without coding, in turn freeing up data scientists to work on more challenging tasks. GenAI Builder allows enterprises to easily store their knowledge in vector databases and create powerful GenAI solutions that augment LLMs with relevant enterprise-specific knowledge, a framework also known as retrieval augmented generation (RAG). GenAI Builder accelerates business by providing a toolkit to enable users to create departmental Q&A bots, add LLM-powered search to portals, automate processes involving documents, and more.

Find out how SnapLogic GenAI Builder helps you:

  • Build LLM-powered apps in minutes
  • Automate document processing
  • Boost productivity

The GenAI Builder is a complete solution for enterprises to build LLM-powered, no-code automations and applications.

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