The hybrid data ecosystem: Are you battling an illogical data warehouse?

Are you battling an illogical data warehouse?

Big data is evolving as a practice. We are quickly approaching a point at which data will be treated as a single resource rather than divided between analytical and operational; big data and traditional enterprise data types; and multi-structured data stores and relational databases. This environment will require a different type of architecture – one focused beyond a single platform where operational and analytical workloads work together. This architecture is called the Hybrid Data Ecosystem.

Since 2012, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) has performed an annual end-user survey of business and technology stakeholders around the globe on the topic of big data. Based on this research, in this webinar, John Myers, Managing Research Director for EMA’s Business Intelligence practice, reviews the drivers associated with big data implementations; evolving technical requirements for big data environments such as the Hybrid Data Ecosystem; and how a robust information management layer is important to big data projects.

In this interactive webinar, you’ll learn more about how EMA’s research describes the following:

  • Use cases that drive big data and the importance of Internet of Things and streaming applications in big data
  • The impact of cloud implementation avenues for big data projects
  • How the EMA Hybrid Data Ecosystem Information Management Layer coordinates integration between disparate platforms and data types

The webinar also provides an overview of how SnapLogic addresses today’s enterprise connectivity requirements with a unified, productive, modern platform for big data and application integration.

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