SnapLogic Higher Ed Tech Day November

In today’s age, colleges, and universities are having to quickly integrate data and apps to ensure students’ health, safety, remote learning, and a modern learning experience. What are the challenges and how are higher education IT departments overcoming them? 

Watch this on-demand virtual event to learn how you can speed up integrations and facilitate a smoother, easier student and faculty experience. You’ll learn how: 

  • Emerson College optimizes the student experience through application and data automation, and by unifying all student information
  • Barnard College enables secure fast data transfers between legacy and cloud technologies
  • These colleges continue to safeguard the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff on campus 
  • Leading institutions are modernizing the learning experience with SnapLogic


  • Bob Parks, Sr. Software Application Developer, Emerson College 
  • Agron Bauta, Enterprise Application Developer, Barnard College
  • Karen He, Principal Product Marketing Manager, SnapLogic

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