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5 Best Practices for Attaining Excellence in Big Data Integration

“Our research uncovers best practices that innovative organizations use not only to prepare and integrate big data but also more tightly unify it with analytics and operations across enterprise and cloud computing environments.”

– Mark Smith, CEO & Chief Research Officer, Ventana Research

Our latest webinar, featuring industry expert Mark Smith, focused on integration as a way to make full use of big data coming into the enterprise from a variety of sources and in incompatible formats. That being said, most organizations lack the technology to automate this process and manage this daunting challenge. Rather than relying on existing tools not specifically designed for this purpose, Ventana Research recommends that businesses use technology designed specifically to handle big data integration as adoption can significantly impact the ability to succeed in the world of nonstop data.

During the interactive discussion, Mark covered five best practices for attaining excellence in big data integration, which are:

  1. Evaluate efficiency of processes: Organizations need to increase agility rather than waste significant amounts of time on data integration-related tasks; integration capabilities need to be flexible enough to deliver cycles of processing to satisfy an array of different needs.
  2. Examine new approaches: Only one third of organizations are satisfied with their current technology and more than half of organizations say their current infrastructure is not fast enough or flexible enough; almost half said the technology is simply inadequate.
  3. Evaluate technology needs: Research shows that what matters most in selecting big data integration technology are its usability and reliability; the top three factors driving big data integration are business improvement, analytics and BI initiatives, and improvement in the quality of business processes.
  4. Investigate dedicated technology: Using dedicated data integration improves integration processes; however, currently only 12 percent of organizations use dedicated technology for this purpose.
  5. Gain benefits that outweigh costs: Organizations need to gain value from data and pinpoint the areas of business in which investment can help, allowing acquisition and deployment to address an organization’s needs

Mark also talked about how cloud is playing an increasing role as data can be accessed anywhere; according to research, 35% of organizations are integrating cloud-based systems with those on-premises. For full content of the webinar, take a look at the presentation slides or watch the recording here; you can also check out our infographic that addresses enterprise IT drivers, questions and uncertainties around big data integration. Ventana Research has also published an ebook available now on our website on the same topics covered in the webinar. Download it here.

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