Introducing the SnapLogic April 2023 Release!

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We are excited to announce the latest release of the SnapLogic platform, designed to improve user productivity for data and app integration. In this release, we’ve enhanced our API Management offering, and expanded our support for popular Snap Packs for Amazon SNS and Azure Synapse. Here is a closer look at some of the updates:

Snap updates

We continue to make data integration on the SnapLogic platform plug-and-play with support for automatic JDBC bundling. Azure Synapse SQL Account and Azure Synapse SQL Active Directory Account, which were formerly used to access the Azure Synapse Analytics cloud data warehouse (CDW) now come bundled with the latest version of its JDBC driver. SnapLogic eliminates the manual effort needed to update the driver and simplifies adoption of patches for the most up-to-date performance and security for your Azure Synapse CDW.

Updated Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) Snap Pack can now handle messages larger than 256 KB. To support this feature, you are required to provide an Amazon S3 bucket. SnapLogic then leverages this S3 bucket to publish or read messages. 

Support for large messages is valuable when using Amazon SNS as a pipe to send data from an application, such as an e-commerce system, to multiple destinations, such as a fulfillment system and an analytics endpoint.

Amazon SNS use case would need large message support
Figure 1: Amazon SNS use case would need large message support

Improved user productivity with APIM updates

SnapLogic platform can automatically create an API proxy when importing an OpenAPI Specification (OAS). These changes save, on average, 5 mins of manual importing time per API. This new feature allows you to provide consistent security policies and API administration of imported APIs by hosting it with SnapLogic API Management. You can then have the backend for the API Proxy on the SnapLogic platform or any 3rd party platform.

SnapLogic APIM now supports new API publishing options. You can now designate selected APIs as “Internal-private” that only the internal team can use but still make them discoverable via the same developer portal. These APIs are only available to the members of the SnapLogic Org and won’t be visible to other Developer Portal users. 

Dialog box for API publishing with External and Internal options.
Figure 2: Dialog box for API publishing with External and Internal options

These changes allow you to control which APIs are discoverable for internal departments and which ones can be discoverable/used by external parties. APIs published to the Developer Portal prior to this update are available to all Developer Portal users.

To learn more about these and other product updates, please check out the release notes or reach out to the customer success team.

Also join us for our upcoming Product Webinar on May 10, 9 am PT where we will talk about these and other updates from our March and May releases.

Dhananjay Bapat headshot
Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager at SnapLogic
Introducing the SnapLogic April 2023 Product Release

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