Talking Cloud Integration and Analytics with the #BBBT

Last week we made the trek to Boulder to meet with the Boulder Business Intelligence Brain Trust (BBBT). With so many business intelligence thought leaders and practitioners living in the area, I must admit that I was very excited to finally visit Boulder. I was also excited to see BBBT founder Claudia Imhoff and connect with the broad range and reach of independent analysts who are now part of the BBBT network. Not familiar with the BBBT? The BBBT member list is a who’s who of business intelligence and data data integration. According to the their website:

“Since 2006, we?ve served the BI industry by organizing half-day vendor presentations for our members, who are independent analysts, consultants, and experts. It?s a reciprocal arrangement. Our members get briefed on current and planned tools and technologies, and the vendors get valuable feedback from us, such as ideas on where BI is going, advice on their marketing direction and message, and input on their offerings.”

The SnapLogic team focused on what we call the Integrator’s Dilemma. As we noted in our announcement about the BBBT session: “As sure as death and taxes, application and data integration will converge in the cloud. This session will introduce the SnapLogic Integration Cloud, dig into the architecture and roadmap and provide an overview of the common cloud services and on-premises integration and orchestration use cases we?re seeing in the market.”

Here’s what Claudia Imhoff, who is the BBBT Founder, had to say about the meeting:

?In the past, data warehouse deployments consisted of an enterprise data warehouse that spawned a series of data marts, usually created by IT on-premises using structured data for operational systems. Today?s IT implementers face very different challenges stemming from new (big) data sources such as unstructured information and large volume sensor data, new display technologies such as mobile devices, and new deployment options such as cloud computing. Companies like SnapLogic help to ease the problems that inevitably arise from extending beyond the EDW architectures because they were developed during this transition ? they ?understand? this next generation of BI.”

You can listen to our podcast discussion here.

While there was a bit of an internet connection issue, there were some great tweets from the first hour of our session. I’ve embedded some of them from a Storify post below and will be sure to post the link to the recording when it’s available. Thanks to Claudia and Dave for a great session! We truly appreciated the opportunity to connect with the #BBBT.

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