Catching Up After Dreamforce: Connectivity and the Cloud

Yesterday we hosted a webinar with Jeff Kaplan, cloud computing expert and director of THINKstrategies, on the major announcements made a few weeks ago at Dreamforce, trends – both recent and predicted – in the cloud, and the themes of integration and connectivity throughout the event.

Stay Connecter After Dreamforce

A big message at Dreamforce was the role of integration and connectivity, and how these fit in with the new Salesforce1 platform. Also discussed were the criticisms about Salesforce1 as a marketing ploy, rather than the Salesforce approach that it is a completely new and unique platform. Kaplan explained that it was a little bit of both – a rebranding effort for sure but also a look at a new and improved platform that pulls together different pieces of what Salesforce has been acquiring and building over the past few years. In a word, Salesforce1 is a prime example of connectivity. Also strongly playing into this theme is the huge mobile focus of this new platform, making all applications accessible via any mobile device and further helping the Internet of Connected Customers. Kaplan also pointed out that partners will be huge fans of Salesforce1 because it’s a signal that Salesforce is truly a platform now with a strong focus on APIs, allowing for more opportunities to build and integrate.

So how does this tie into SnapLogic and the integration needs that all of this connectivity inevitably leads to? As customers implement more and more applications and platforms, connectivity won’t just be a theme or trend – it will be a requirement. In the webinar, we pointed out 5 specific ways to stay connected, those being:

  1. Remember: The Internet of Customers (and Things) is powered by connectivity.
  2. Remember that innovation requires integration.
  3. Treat data as an asset, not a liability.
  4. Build a SMAC-centric infrastructure (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud).
  5. Don’t wait to integrate!

Thanks very much to everyone who joined the webinar today, and check out the slides here for more information. We’ll also have a recording of the entire conversation available and will update when it’s ready.

And last but not least, we’d like to announce the winner of our Dreamforce #connected photo contest (and check out the stream of some of the awesome entries we received below). It was great seeing all of the entries and congratulations to Daniel Hoechst (@dhoeschton his great photo of San Francisco from the bay, helping him to win a new GoPro! Daniel, we’ll be in touch directly on getting you your prize and thanks again to Daniel and everyone else who participated!

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