CIOs Must Shake Up Their Integration Strategy to Enable Digital Transformation

Gartner_integration_iPaaSLast week Gartner published a new report called CIO Call to Action: Shake Up Your Integration Strategy to Enable a Digital Transformation Program. In a summary of the report on LinkedIn, Gartner VP and Fellow Massimo Pezzini concludes:

“A move toward do-it-yourself, self-service pervasive integration carried out by specialists and nonspecialists – including LoB developers, SaaS administrators, data analysts and business users – is imperative to support strategies such as digital business, bimodal IT, post-modern ERP and analytics.”

You can now download the full report on the SnapLogic website. It’s a great overview of what’s changed and why you need to “make the re-envisioning of your integration strategy a top priority.” The report also features a case study on SnapLogic customer Adobe. Here are a few highlights:

“Adobe is gradually implementing a DIY integration strategy by making available to ad hoc and citizen integrators a common HIP based on SnapLogic’s Elastic Integration Platform iPaaS offering. Use of the [hybrid integration platform] HIP by nonspecialists is facilitated by a central integration platform service team, which provides training, mentoring, best practices and support. This team also takes care of HIP maintenance and evolution, and delivers reusable integration templates and frameworks, which are then made available to users via a self-service integration portal.
The DIY integration initiative was kicked off in August 2014, and has significantly progressed ever since. During the first 10 months, about 400 ad hoc and citizen integrators have been enabled to use the company’s HIP. The collective work of these nonspecialists delivered more than 600 integration interfaces and more than 200 APIs, a workload that would take years for a classic integration competency center to implement.”

I encourage you to download and read the entire report, which was authored by Massimo Pezzini, Benoit J. Lheureux, and Keith Guttridge.

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