Connecting Enterprise Apps and Data to Workday Financials in a Snap

Workday_AxciomThis week at Workday Rising the SnapLogic team demonstrated a set of Snaps and integration patterns that provide a simple yet powerful way to connect Workday Financial Management with information in other enterprise applications such as Salesforce CRM. In addition to SnapLogic’s self-service application and data integration capabilities, the new Snaps and patterns automate critical business processes such as the quote-to-cash cycle and new employee onboarding.

In my conversations at the conference, it was clear that Workday customers are looking always for ways to increase the flexibility of both HR and financial processes, ease the pain of adding or retiring applications, and enable both IT, HR and Finance teams to focus on more strategic business priorities. This was a recurring theme at the SnapLogic booth. You can see a few pictures here.

Some of the key benefits of SnapLogic Elastic Integration for Workday include:

  • SnapLogic Workday Snaps expose the entire Workday API visually, enabling organizations to integrate Workday data without the complexity of a heavyweight enterprise service bus (ESB) or the limitations of traditional connectors
  • SnapLogic makes it simple to connect applications to Workday workflows without coding
  • Easily connect Workday to other cloud or on-premises applications using SnapLogic’s library of 300+ Snaps

Recently SnapLogic customer Acxiom rolled out Project New Day, which saw them go live with Workday HCM and Financial Management as well as Tidemark, Vertex, ADP, Zuora, Cornerstone and other systems. Cherrylyn McCastle, Senior Director of IT at Acxiom put it this way:

“SnapLogic enabled Acxiom to achieve the objective of establishing a seamless, agile, and secure integration framework to facilitate integrations between corporate SaaS applications and a variety of on-premises systems. The new Workday HCM and Finance integrations ensure our front office and operational systems are well connected to the back office.”

Here’s a brief overview of SnapLogic for Workday from Workday Rising and here’s a recorded demonstration. I’d like to thank our friends at Workday for a great conference. The company’s focus on customer success and continued innovation is impressive and SnapLogic was proud to be a Silver Sponsor in Las Vegas.

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