Data Services + Data Browser = BI 2.0

I read a great article by Neil Raden at Intelligent Enterprise about what BI 2.0 is going to look like. It goes into a lot of detail about BI 1.0 and it’s shortcomings (complexity, cost, maintenance, shelfware, etc.), then goes on to describe BI 2.0.

Specifically, he says that it….

has to provide simple, personal analytical tools on an as-needed basis with a minimal footprint and cost. Rather than relying solely on a rigid metaphor like data warehousing, BI needs the ability to access data anywhere it can be found and to performing integration on the fly, if necessary.

To me, I think we’re closer than anyone thinks. The ability to access data anywhere and perform integration on the fly is exactly what SnapLogic does. And on the front end, there is an emerging class of browser-based clients that have the analytical horsepower of Excel.

In fact, we’re partnering with Kirix, a company that has developed a ‘Data Browser’ to provide exactly these kinds of BI 2.0 solutions. If you provide your data as SnapLogic RESTful data services, all you have to do is point Kirix Strata to them and you’ve got a powerful BI 2.0 solution that can analyze data without the cost, complexity of a BI 1.0 approach.

We’re going to be talking about this together this week in a webinar we’re doing together. If you’ve got some time, please register and attend.

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