Diving into Big Data with SnapLogic

These are fun times in the integration world!

Technology is both creating many of our biggest challenges as well as giving us the ability to solve them. Take big data for example. Wired Magazine, way back in 2008, wrote the following about big data when describing the Petabyte Age: ?Sensors everywhere. Infinite storage. Clouds of processors. Our ability to capture, warehouse, and understand massive amounts of data is changing science, medicine, business, and technology. As our collection of facts and figures grows, so will the opportunity to find answers to fundamental questions.? Today we are immersed in this big data.

At SnapLogic we encounter companies who have massive amounts of data from web traffic, customer purchases, support contacts, social media, etc. The more applications they add, the more data they create. They understand that this data holds insights into customer behaviors and preferences, market and product opportunities, operational savings, etc. Today there exist a new set of tools that can aid these companies in realizing these insights. One of the most discussed is Hadoop: a scalable distributed filesystem – HDFS – and its computational model MapReduce. Unfortunately, many companies do not have the technical ability to perform complex tasks such as moving data into and out of Hadoop. Hadoop is just plain hard.

If you can?t use it, it?s not useful. We wanted to humanize Hadoop. At SnapLogic, the challenge is in helping our customers get their big data from wherever it is collected and stored to wherever it can be moved to make it meaningful, valuable or actionable. So, we put our killer research team, SnapLabs, on the task and have innovated a technology that finally makes Hadoop easy to use. Today we?re introducing two really cool technologies:

  • SnapReduce: An intelligent system for converting integration pipelines into MapReduce jobs
  • HDFS Snap: Connectors that enable you to move data into and out of Hadoop easily

We?ve made it click-and-drag-easy to leverage Hadoop across any number of applications, services or databases. It?s really that simple. Take a look at our video to see just how easy SnapReduce makes Hadoop. You might have to watch it twice just to believe us.

Also, this week several of us will be attending the EMC World to show these technologies in the Greenplum booth. Come by if you are in the Exhibitor?s hall for your own personal demo, and check back during the week for updates.

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