Endless Possibilities with Coupa and SnapLogic

Today I would like to share another fantastic example of a partner that is delivering tremendous value to their customers via SnapLogic.  In our guest blog today, Matt Pasquini of Coupa describes in both words (and pictures) how Coupa partnered with SnapLogic to successfully connect Pandora’s spend management system (Coupa) to their financial system (FinancialForce). Come by to see Coupa and other SnapLogic partners deliver live demos at our Dreamforce Booth 509 this week. Take it away Matt…

Hi, I’m Matt Pasquini and back in June, I covered the basics of integrating two (or more) applications or data sets. In my previous post, I mentioned most enterprise-level integrations are accomplished by “middleware.” Today, I’d like to show you exactly what that means, using SnapLogic as the example.

SnapLogic easily connects cloud apps (like Coupa) to SaaS, on-premise, or other cloud apps and data sources. Pandora utilized SnapLogic to seamlessly link their spend management platform (us) with their finance management system (FinancialForce).

Have you been thinking, “Gee, I wish I could take my data from Coupa and do …” Regardless of how you finished that sentence, you probably can.

Get a taste of what’s possible with Coupa and SnapLogic at Dreamforce 2011. I’ll be co-presenting two solutions sessions and will show you in-person how Coupa’s e-Procurement platform can add value to your existing finance or ERP application.

Come see me at SnapLogic DF11 Booth 509 at the following session times:

  • Wednesday 8/31 – 3-4pm
  • Thursday 9/1 – 3-4pm

And check out what else SnapLogic has going on at DF11. Hope to see you there!

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