EuroPython 2000, Day 2

Day 2 of EuroPython 2008 has been just as good as day 1.

Today, I attended:

  • Dinu Gherman’s talk on Visualising Relationships Between Python Objects.

    This was a description of a prototype he’s working on for visualization of Python object relationships. Based on GraphViz, it appears promising, and it could have interesting applications for documenting and understanding code.

  • Peter Bulychev’s talk on Duplicate code detection using his Clone Digger.

    Another interesting talk on a system for detecting duplicate code in Python programs.

  • John Pinner’s talk on Conferencing systems in Python.

    A good discussion on the support system for the EuroPython and PyCon UK conferences. Conference organizing systems seem to be a endless source of challenges for developers.

  • Raymond Hettinger’s Descriptor tutorial

    A very good talk on the internals of Python descriptors. Now, all your dots are belong to us.

  • Stefan Behnel’s introduction to the Cython compiler

    Python to C, lots of uses for performance optimization and external library interfacing.

On the unconference side of the conference , there was a good follow up to Monday’s talk on Filesystem like API’s. Tommi Virtanen is leading this effot to brainstorm some ideas about developing a cleaner file and filesystem interface. The general idea is to collect some of the best ideas in , twisted.filepath, various other libraries, and see if it’s possible to come up with a new interface that would consolidate the best and cleanest functionality, which currently needs multiple modules from multiple locations. The next step will be a sprint later this week. There are some notes on the wiki, but they’re probably not too useful unless you were in the session.

The Lightning talks for Tuesday have really good. I think they were better than than the US PyCon lightning talks, and EuroPython uses Swiss timing to boot!

The day wrapped up with an excellent and inspiring keynote by Hans Rosling about the work he has done on Gapminder.

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Topics: API Conference

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