Extending the Power of SAP with SnapLogic’s SAP and SAP NetWeaver Gateway OData Snaps

SAP’s TechEd 2011 kicked off this week as 15,000 eager attendees descended on the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.  I was proud that SAP chose to showcase SnapLogic’s solution within the SAP NetWeaver Gateway booth.

As the VP of Business Development here at SnapLogic, it’s been very rewarding to see so many joint solutions come to market. Of course, there’s our SAP Snap that we showed off at Dreamforce 11 and now our new OData Snap makes it easier than ever to create real-time data services that leverage your SAP application data; without having to do any backend coding or integration logic.

In order to demonstrate how easy it is to extend the power of SAP NetWeaver Gateway, we created a simple integration mashup that pulls SAP account and contact data, enhances the data in real-time using our Google Geocoder Snap (latitude and longitude), and then overlays the data in the form of a heat map showing where your contacts and accounts are located around the world. If you didn’t get a chance to stop by and check it out live, here’s a video recording of how it all works.

Imagine the possibilities. SAP customers can now easily combine / mashup SAP information contained in any SAP application like ERP, CRM, and PLM and integrate this with 100’s of other business applications, custom web apps, social media streams, BI applications and more. The door of SAP is now open….to millions of web developers and business analysts who want to leverage their SAP data without having to know anything about SAP development environments or languages.

So, now SnapLogic customers have not just one, but two easy ways to connect into SAP. What a great way to build on the excitement of Dreamforce 11 where we showed off how easy is to use the SAP Snap to connect with Salesforce to get a 360-Degree view of your customers.

SnapLogic offers the broadest choices to connect and integrate to SAP.  The whole point of the SAP efforts around NetWeaver Gateway and other announcements is to provide choice and open up and greatly expand the SAP community. We’re all for that!

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