A New Data Frontier: Using GenAI to Integrate and Automate the Enterprise With AWS

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In the rapidly evolving domain of technology, collaboration — among IT leaders, partners and vendors — is key to innovation. This was the theme of the day at the “Integrating to AWS with SnapLogic” event, held at the AWS office in Munich on Tuesday, 21st November. marked a significant milestone in the journey of data integration and automation. 

This event wasn’t just a meeting of minds but a symposium of forward-thinking professionals eager to delve into the transformative potential of generative AI within the AWS ecosystem.

WIth a bit of time to reflect, I’ve put together highlights from our day in Munich that showcase the power of partnership during a time of change, early success stories of using GenAI to access, transform and configure data, and what’s on the horizon for technology and business leaders.

GenAI data team for the enterprise: assemble

Our primary highlight of the day was announcing new and strategic alliances that SnapLogic has made with consulting and implementation partner Eviden, and the host of the event, our premier partner and data giant AWS.

We were thrilled to announce SnapLogic’s alliance with Eviden, our new global system integrator partner. Eviden’s Christian Georg eloquently showcased how GenAI could address pressing real-world business challenges, especially in the realm of complex digitalization projects, setting a new benchmark in our approach to technological challenges. This collaboration is more than a partnership; it’s a fusion of strengths and visions aimed at delivering comprehensive and cohesive solutions to our customers. 

The presentation by Karim Berrah from AWS was particularly enlightening, not just for its deep dive into modern data architecture, but also for shedding light on the flourishing partnership between AWS and SnapLogic. This collaboration is a testament to our shared vision of simplifying and streamlining data integration and connectivity in the cloud. 

Karim’s discussion covered a broad spectrum of topics, from customer adoption strategies to the intricate design of modern data architectures. He emphasized how this partnership enhances the capability of businesses to build and scale applications with greater agility, security, and efficiency.

AWS & SnapLogic: redefining data integration and connectivity

This alliance between AWS and SnapLogic underscores a shared commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions. It is a strategic partnership that bridges the gap between complex cloud environments and the need for easy-to-implement, scalable solutions. By combining AWS’s robust cloud infrastructure and SnapLogic’s cutting-edge integration platform, we are enabling organizations to harness the full potential of their data, drive digital transformation, and achieve new levels of operational excellence.

The reference architectures developed as part of this collaboration are tailored for optimal performance and cost-effectiveness, ensuring that businesses can leverage the best of both worlds — the power and scalability of AWS’s cloud services, and the intuitive, user-friendly integration capabilities of SnapLogic. This partnership represents a significant step forward in our mission to empower businesses to innovate faster and more effectively in today’s dynamic digital landscape.

In this partnership, AWS and SnapLogic are not just offering tools and services; we are providing a comprehensive ecosystem that supports a wide range of applications and data workflows. This ecosystem is designed to be flexible and adaptable, meeting the evolving needs of businesses as they navigate the complexities of digital transformation. By leveraging the strengths of both AWS and SnapLogic, we are creating a synergy that drives efficiency, fosters innovation, and accelerates the journey to cloud maturity for businesses of all sizes.

Early success stories across industries

We had the opportunity to hear use cases and stories of innovation from enterprises across industries that are proactively using generative AI to improve operational efficiency, data transformation and customer acquisition.

Siemens Energy: a blueprint for innovation and efficiency

The event further shone a spotlight on the success story of Siemens Energy. Mario Pilz illustrated how the company leveraged AWS services and SnapLogic to bridge its IoT platform with the standard MES system across its vast network of over 80 global factories. 

This case study underscored the power and capability of AWS and SnapLogic in catalyzing innovation and operational efficiency, serving as a blueprint for other organizations aiming to upscale their technological infrastructure.

Syngenta’s leap with Smart Mart: a transformation story

The journey of Syngenta’s Smart Mart, presented by Harish Krishnamoorthy, was a narrative of transformation and innovation. Syngenta’s choice of SnapLogic, despite having access to seven different ETL tools, speaks volumes about the platform’s usability and efficiency. 

The outcomes, including a 60% reduction in time to market and an 80% reduction in loads on SAP, were not just impressive; they were game-changing. This segment highlighted SnapLogic’s intuitive design and its “too easy to use” interface, a rare criticism that underscores the platform’s user-friendliness.

Optilyz revolutionizing direct mail marketing 

The presentation by Katya Bakhova and Philip Lenhart from Optilyz was a deep dive into how the strategic use of AWS and SnapLogic is revolutionizing the landscape of direct mail marketing in the digital age. 

The introduction of the “custom connector” emerged as a pivotal innovation, significantly enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of customer acquisition strategies in an era dominated by digital marketing tactics.

A path to rapid value: GenAI from SnapLogic

Sean O‘Meara, SnapLogic’s solution engineer, captivated the audience with a demonstration of SnapLogic’s GenAI capabilities for data migration. 

The demonstration, which included the seamless migration from Oracle to AWS Redshift and the optimization of push-down ETL to Redshift with AI support, was not just a display of technical prowess but a testament to the synergistic relationship between SnapLogic and AWS. This demonstration underscored our commitment to providing rapid, value-driven solutions to our clients.

The day culminated with an open session, fostering a rich environment for dialogue, collaboration, and networking. This segment provided a platform for attendees to engage with experts from AWS, Eviden, and SnapLogic, facilitating a sharing of ideas and perspectives that are crucial in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Charting the course for innovation with GenAI

As we reflect on the event, it’s evident that the event was more than just a series of presentations; it was a confluence of innovative ideas and collaborative spirits. The integration of generative AI into platforms like AWS and SnapLogic is not just a technological advancement; it’s a paradigm shift that offers businesses a substantial competitive edge. 

The introduction of Eviden as SnapLogic’s global system integrator partner amplifies the potential of this collaboration, promising robust and comprehensive solutions for businesses poised on the brink of innovation and excellence. As we continue to navigate the dynamic and challenging terrain of technology, events like these are beacons, illuminating the path towards a more connected, automated, and intelligent future.

Let SnapLogic and AWS help your technology teams lead the GenAI era with collaboration and connectivity.

Marijana Vukman headshot
Director, Channel Sales Southern EMEA at SnapLogic
A New Data Frontier: Using GenAI to Integrate and Automate the Enterprise With AWS

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