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Generative Integration with SnapLogic and AWS

Learn how SnapLogic’s Generative AI-powered, Intelligent Integration Platform simplifies and accelerates onboarding for AWS customers.

Build and manage integrations in minutes, not days

SnapGPT, SnapLogic’s industry-first generative AI solution, leverages Amazon Bedrock and allows IT developers as well as non-technical users to create, document, configure, and generate integrations in a matter of minutes to bring integration projects to market faster. Amazon Bedrock allows the SnapLogic team to run and leverage multiple LLM models to provide the best possible customer experience.

Efficiently integrate AWS services with all your data

SnapLogic provides an industry-first generative integration platform to improve productivity for both integration experts and non-technical users. The platform has over 700 sophisticated, pre-built connectors to connect data and applications, both on-premises and cloud-based. SnapLogic has connectors to several AWS Services such as S3, Redshift, SQS, SNS, and DynamoDB.With SnapLogic, organizations can move operational data in real-time and historic/detailed data in bulk for insights into their entire data estate.

AWS’s partner specializations

The SnapLogic Partner Connect Program offers partners the opportunity to differentiate themselves with earned Specializations across Technical, Functional, and Industry Vertical solution areas.

Technical specializations: API Management, Analytics & BI, CDW Migration

Business Function specializations: Sales & Marketing, Human Capital Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, Citizen Integrators

Industry Vertical specializations: Financial Services, High Tech/Software, Manufacturing, Health & Life Sciences, Retail & CPG, Education, Public Sector

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“A product that brings together a wide range of functionality in a simple to use package”

— Software Engineering Manager

“True accelerator platform to simply build complex, fast data pipelines”

— Global Head of Data Science

“Simple implementation, robust functionality and intuitive interface allowed quick returns”

— Software Engineering Developer

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