Get one, before it’s too late !

The difference between bits and atoms is never more apparent than when a something made of atoms is in short supply. Back in July, we had to do some digging to find a Wii for our OSCon giveaway.

Since then, the Nintendo supply shortages have persisted. It’s almost impossible to find a Wii in stock, on a store shelf now, unless you are willing to buy some form of ‘Bundle’ that pushes the normal US $250 price up to over US $500. Nintendo has frowned on the bundling practice.

But, just in time for last minute shoppers, CanCost has…… Wii’s !

In stock, ready to ship, for US $189.00, a 50% saving off retail, and well below the going price on eBay or the bundles. But, hurry, today is probably the last chance to order in time for December 24th delivery.

If you didn’t budget for any last minute shopping, don’t worry, you can recoup the money in no time with a Sundae Station.

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