Getting the word out…

Mike and I met with some open source experts last week to tell them what we’ve been up to. I was very pleased at how quickly they all understood exactly how the power of open source could be brought to bear on the problem of data integration.

Matt Asay picked up on this right away and posted on his Infoworld blog:

Why would it have an easier time overcoming the connector treadmill? Open source.

100% open source, 100% open process. Adapters are built by the community. This is a fantastic use of open source. The community can write its own adapers, and if the community wants to offload support of these to SnapLogic, then they can (and SnapLogic can opt to integrate them into its certified solution or not). This helps bring data integration to the “long tail” of the industry.

That’s because open source savvy people like Matt understand that the economics of most commercial software solutions are broken, especially solutions that have to touch so many other systems like integration or systems and network management.

It’s nice to finally be able to talk about SnapLogic and take part in the open source discussions where previously I could only be an observer.

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