How EXL Service Became Our Partner Innovation Award Winner

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The final category in our Enterprise Automation Awards for 2021 was the Partner Innovation Award. This award recognized the partner that has helped their customer embark on their journey to transform their business. The winner for our inaugural award was EXL Service.

Their customer, Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU), grew significantly over the past few years, but their systems and integration had not evolved at the pace needed to support this growth. Because of this, their 40+ applications could not present the “single source of the truth.” This restricted the ability to develop a cost-effective Self-Service Reporting capability and the needed Data Governance capabilities.

Their legacy environment lacked the automation needed to support the scale required to sustain their goals. Extensive manual data manipulation by multiple departments led to disparate results.

To support DCU’s goals of growth, EXL Services started with two initial use cases: an Executive Dashboard (monitoring key metrics) and a Transaction Data Mart (an integrated account transaction history). They proposed a significant modernization effort to address the issues identified. This effort included the design and development of a Cloud-based Modern Data Platform. With the SnapLogic team, EXL Service proposed an architecture that leveraged SnapLogic with Amazon Redshift for the core capabilities while SnapLogic’s integration with AWS IAM and Security were critical to building a compliant solution in a highly regulated environment.

At the time of submission the project was still in progress, but the team was already able to see some improvements:

  • Built a well-integrated modern data platform in the cloud leveraging on-premise source systems, several AWS services with an executive dashboard on top of a well-architected data model.
  • Executive acceptance of the data being presented.
  • Initiation of projects to retire legacy on-premise reporting databases and projects to start advanced analytics and data science efforts.

The combined effort of EXL Service and SnapLogic is helping Digital Federal Credit Union achieve their goals and positioning them for success.Visit the SnapLogic Community to learn more about their solution and others.

Community Product Marketing Manager at SnapLogic
Partner Innovation Award Winner: EXL Service

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