How Route Connected Multiple Applications to Harness the Power of Their Customer Data

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Route is a fast-growing startup whose app empowers brands to be intentional about their post-purchase experience with visual order tracking, package protection, effortless claim-filing, and the world’s first universal order history. They empower brands, regardless of their size, to deliver a better customer experience and consumers to feel more confident in their online ordering. Once Route is installed at the checkout, customers can rest assured that their order is protected. 

Like many companies, Route found they had all this rich data but no way for their various applications to talk to each other. The data in Salesforce, Zendesk, Jira, and other apps held the keys to a more holistic view of the customer and ultimately, the insights to deliver a better customer experience. Without an integration platform based in the cloud, Route was forced to spend countless hours hand-coding integrations, then updating and maintaining them. At best, this would deliver some key connections, but with the price of severely slowing down the company’s growth trajectory. 

Route turned to the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform for its flexibility, ease of use, and pre-configured connectors called Snaps. On day one, they had several ETL pipelines up and running and were fully operational within a week. 

By using SnapLogic to effortlessly connect data from multiple applications, Route was able to:

  • Break data silos by easily and quickly connecting applications and data endpoints
  • Fully leverage customer data across their organization for better business decisions
  • Improve integrator productivity by using Salesforce and Snowflake Snaps

The ability to integrate data and applications quickly and easily gives Route the speed and insight they need to move fast in a competitive market while having the confidence that they have a full picture of their customers. 

Read their full story in the case study to learn how you can also leverage SnapLogic to make faster and easier integrations.

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