Inbox handling – The Ieldan approach

Bill de Hora wrote a timely post on inbox handling.

I also tried the cool, GTD-ish idea of moving email that needs to be processed into an Action folder, where it could be handled appropriately. It seemed like a good idea…… I did this just before two weeks of back to back conferences, and it’s a disaster. I’m just not processing the action folder, and my inbox is still overflowing, with lots of conference mail to follow up on.

On the other hand, the results have given me a better idea – The important stuff stays in the inbox, and the rest gets moved in a different folder for later processing.

The question is, what to name that folder? Later sounds like I’m postponing it. Procrastinate is too obvious, as is Manyana. NoAction would more or less imply CircularFile, neither of which is what I intended.

So, I drew some inspiration from Robert “r0ml” Lefkowitz’s talk at OSCon, and went back to Ye Old English.

I now have an Ieldan folder.

Category: Integration

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