Information Mashup Fabric and Info 2.0

I saw Anant’s post on Enterprise Mashups and read his paper on IBM’s Information Mashup Fabric. He talks about a new layer of infrastructure to support ‘Situational Applications’ called Info 2.0.

I like the term Info 2.0 better than Web 2.0 for the things we’re doing since its more focused on the data layer. I’m glad to see that IBM has some forward thinkers looking into this because I there are still many mainstream IT executives that still do not grok the notion of Info 2.0 and how its different from SOAs

Joe McKendrick at ZDnet referring to a discussion on SOA indicated:

Panelists agreed that there is little difference between mashup applications and the composite applications that have been part of the Web services/SOA scene for the past decade.

While I believe that these panelist felt this way, I also believe that if you try to look to how Info 2.0 can impact Enterprise IT through the prism of SOA, you’ll be missing the lion’s share of the potential. I just can’t see an SOA being able to support Situational Applications. Ever.

Is there anything ‘Situational’ about an SOA? Structural, yes, Situational, no way.

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Topics: SOA

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