Internet of Things survey – How are enterprises managing IoT data?

EMA_Infographic_iconDefined by some as the “collection, processing and analysis of information from sensors on a large number of disparate devices,” the Internet of Things (IoT) presents challenges to IT organizations that go beyond simply dealing with more available data. It presents challenges related to collection, management and processing.

In order to learn how (or if) enterprises were taking on the IoT challenge, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) recently surveyed IT professionals about their plans regarding big data strategies, including IoT projects. SnapLogic sponsored this research and we have provided an infographic with some of the survey findings.

IoT is more than just a buzzword. Survey results show that enterprises have realized that the data available from things provide a rich source of business insights. 50% of respondents in the survey indicated that IoT is “essential” or “important” to their business strategies.

By the nature of this data, processing latency is important. Respondents needed real-time (32%) or intra-hour (23%) data processing to realize their goals. Respondents also found that traditional ETL was not sufficient for IoT data. Instead, these companies were moving beyond batch toward streaming technologies for integration.

To help enterprises deal with IoT data quickly and efficiently, the SnapLogic Spring ’15 release extended our cloud and big data integration capabilities to the Internet of Things with support for Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT).

Learn more about the current state of IoT in the enterprise.

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