Make Integration Smarter with a Cloud MDM Platform

(This is the first in a three part series)

Joining our discussion is Christophe Barriolade CEO of Orchestra Networks (a leading Master Data Management Vendor) and I’m Zeb Mahmood, Principal Product Marketing Manager MDM at SnapLogic


Master data is the DNA of every company, defining key business objects such as products, reference tables, parties, assets, employees and financial hierarchies across several complex information systems, both on-premise and in the Cloud. Owned and shared by all lines of business, this ?single version of the truth? is the building block of every critical business transaction.

Unfortunately, traditional MDM projects are expensive, require years to implement and integrate, and often fail because they are too slow to deliver value. A successful MDM program starts with the business and keeps them in the loop, from the definition of a data model to the governance of master data over time.

On December 8th, 2011 SnapLogic and Orchestra Networks launched the first Cloud MDM solution, offering a web-based, self-service experience to business users, delivering results in just weeks.You can register or view the webinar here to see the solution in action.

The Cloud MDM service, called, leverages the best of Orchestra Network?s EBX platform and SnapLogic?s Enterprise Cloud Integration Platform. is a collaborative master data authoring and governance service that allows you to manage the full life cycle of your master data. You can:

  • Define data models and validation controls (business rules)
  • Manage any type of data and hierarchies
  • Define roles and access rights
  • Configure workflow for changes and approvals
  • Manage versions

Most enterprises today are a hybrid mix of SaaS/Cloud and on premise applications. The burgeoning number and diversity of Cloud Apps means you’re going to need to quickly integrate more applications into your corporate MDM. SnapLogic drastically reduces the time and effort required to connect all these endpoints to your MDM.

Simply download the free Snap into SnapLogic to start moving data in and out of your Cloud MDM. You’ll enjoy:

  • Improved data load times, leading to higher availability of MDM for business users
  • Higher performance of MDM, as data integration and transformation tasks are offloaded
  • Support for a vast array of data formats and protocols. This is significant as each endpoint that MDM connects to may speak a different language in terms of:
  1. Format: CSV, XML, JSON, etc.
  2. Transport Protocol: JDBC, SOAP, REST, etc.
  3. Frequency: Real-time, batch (hourly, nightly, weekly), etc.
  4. Delta: Attribute/Field level delta, record level delta, full feed, etc.
  5. Simplified implementation architecture, as SnapLogic can be the gatekeeper for all incoming and outgoing data feeds

Of course there?s much more. Click here to learn how Cloud MDM can empower business users across multiple departments to achieve faster ROI and greater business agility.

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