Advice for the Next Generation of Women in Tech

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From the pioneering efforts of Ada Lovelace to the groundbreaking achievements of modern-day trailblazers like Sheryl Sandberg and Reshma Saujani, women have been instrumental in shaping the technological world around us. In an ever-evolving landscape where diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of discussions, women in tech continue to challenge norms, break barriers, and pave the way for future generations.

But despite this, a PwC study found a career in the tech industry was a first choice for only 3% of female students. As an organisation that places a high value on diversity, this is highly concerning for the future of our industry.

From technical and engineering roles to marketing, legal, finance, sales and management, women impact each area of our business, bringing fresh ideas, diverse thinking and meaningful change that helps us stay ahead. As part of this, we’re proud to be above the industry average with women making up 30% of our technical and engineering workforce. But, we don’t want to stop there and firmly believe there’s still work to be done in encouraging more women to join this industry. 

In light of this, we asked a handful of our amazing female team members to share their words of wisdom for future generations: 

  1. Don’t fall for gender bias

“Don’t succumb to the gender bias perpetuated by society. Instead, concentrate on what you can accomplish and do it with excellence. Invest your energy in cultivating your strengths and consistently surround yourself with positive influences.”

Namita Prabhu, Senior Director Software QA
  1. Take the seat at the table 

“Any time you can get a seat at the table you should take it, even if it feels unexpected or out of your comfort zone. You’ll learn things you may not have planned for that help you figure out how to work well with other functions and departments. Getting unexpected experiences can really help to expand your career and opportunities.”

Sarah Sefton, Chief of Staff
  1. Don’t take no for an answer

“To be a successful lawyer in the tech industry, you need to work hard and perfect your craft. But also don’t take no for an answer, you need to believe in yourself and always stay authentic to who you are.”

QuynhChi Nguyen, Head of Legal
  1. Listen to your heart

“Be focused and listen to your heart. With strong focus and commitment, you can achieve anything you want to because it’s all in your mind. Just don’t forget to get help when you need it.”

Anjana Kashyap, VP of Engineering Services
  1. Know your worth and the value you bring

“Know your worth – it is so important for females to know the value they bring to their work. This may mean negotiating for fair pay, speaking up and giving feedback, or could mean not feeling guilt for balancing being a dedicated employee, with being a mother or a partner, or whatever is important to you in your personal life. That leads me to my second piece of advice, you don’t have to choose between being career-driven and who you are outside of work. It’s about balancing what is valuable to you, and also boundaries…”

Cassie Capano, VP of People
  1. Seek out mentorship 

“Advocate for yourself and seek out mentorship! Some amazing women have paved the way for us all to sit at these tables and many of them are more than willing to help lift up others on their own path. Having a mentor is a great way to talk through any challenges that arise and a solid sounding board can give you the confidence you need to stand up for yourself and take charge of your career.”

Davi (Schmidt) Chittams, Director of Demand Generation 
  1. Focus on your goals

“It is a journey filled with potential. Focus on your goals, adopt the right strategies, and refuse to be limited by outdated notions of what’s achievable. Every challenge is an opportunity to learn, grow, and prove that the only ceilings that exist are those we impose on ourselves. Keep pushing forward, and remember to lift others as you climb.”

Molita Coelho, Senior Field Marketing Manager, APAC
  1. Join Women in Tech community groups

“One thing I always take with me is to go for what you want and work hard to earn it. It’s normal to feel a little out of place when you enter a new field, especially a male-dominated industry such as tech, but remember you belong here just as much as anyone else. Your perspective and skills are valuable assets. I’d say a good starting ground would be to join online communities like Women in Tech, where you can find support and mentorship and to stay curious and keep learning. Like everything else, it’s all about trial and error – embrace mistakes as learning opportunities.”

Melissa Nilsen, Sales Development Representative
  1. Be open to learning, and make sure you gain from your tasks

“Be open to learning and trying your hand in different projects. When you are first starting out there is so much you need to learn and lessons come from various places. Also be a little bit selfish with your time, make sure that you gaining from every task that you take on.” 

Sally Nunekpeku, Customer Success Manager
  1.  Bring your unique perspective  

“There are a multitude of opportunities in any tech sector company: Development, Product Management, Design, Legal, HR, Finance, so there’s a place for you whatever your interests. Technology is always changing and thrives on diversity of perspectives and backgrounds: bring your “you-nique-ness” to drive technological change. Keep learning, striving, and use any negative responses as positive reinforcement.”

Kate Shaw, Senior Product Manager
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