Partners Support SnapLogic Integration Cloud Spring 2014

Over the past six months, we’ve been talking about the need for a single cloud integration platform that can handle real-time, event-based application integration and analytics-oriented data integration requirements. We’ve also been talking about the Integrator’s Dilemma and the challenge enterprise IT organizations face as they try to deploy legacy integration technologies that were built before the SMAC era. Yesterday we announced our Integration Cloud Spring 2014 release, which introduces API Management, performance management monitoring and new features and enhancements to the core platform and Snaps. We call it our Stallion release. Here’s why.

I’d like to thank some of our great partners who have taken the time to support the SnapLogic Integration Cloud Spring 2014 announcement. Here’s a quick summary of what our partners had to say about our announcement. As you can see, it’s a nice mix of analytics and application software vendors, Systems Integrators and embedded/OEM partners:


“Birst?s enterprise-caliber cloud BI coupled with SnapLogic?s ability to deliver integration at cloud-speed enable our customers to get access and insight from multiple sources in order to quickly respond to market changes and opportunities.?


?SnapLogic is a core component of how we help our joint customers ?cloudify? their enterprise and manage the consumerization of company data.”

Fruition Partners:

?SnapLogic?s continued focus on ease of development as as well as repeatable integration patterns means shorter time to value and more efficient maintenance for our customers.?


?With OneLogin and SnapLogic, IT launches cloud apps faster in complex environments.”


“We?re excited to see how continued cloud integration innovation will allow our customers to extend their talent management investments by rapidly connecting their HR and talent management data and processes with disparate data sources that span cloud and on-premises applications.?

Tableau Software:

?By further strengthening their core cloud data integration capabilities with the Spring 2014 release our joint customers are able to maximize the value that Tableau Online and Tableau Server deliver with real-time insights without the wait.”


?SnapLogic?s continued focus on real-time and batch data integration with their Spring 2014 release ensures our customers will be able to get their arms around all the data they need to gain deeper insights from Tidemark?s cloud analytics platform.?


?Snaplogic?s Integration Cloud makes it possible for our customers to easily connect Zuora to a variety of different applications, and greatly reduces the barriers to launching and monetizing subscription services.?

You can read the entire quotes from our partners here and learn more about the SnapLogic Integration Cloud Spring 2014 release here.

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